jatropha cultivation!!



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Hahnemann charitable mission society 1996, an ISO certified NGO is established for the purpose of providing consultancy services in the agric sector.

It has been effectively functioning in promoting medicinal, horticultural ,aromatic & Jatropha plantation.

We have been successfully working for large-scale development of Jatropha plantation in all over India. We are engaged in the actions to endorse Jatropha Bio Diesel Plant Cultivation along with their marketing and development activities.We assist the HCMS’ trained Indian rural farmers in cultivating these plants. Around 10,000 farmers are registered with us on 1200 hectares of Agriland in Rajasthan.

HCMS is effectively functioning in all over India through its professionally skilled team consists of agriculture graduates and agriculture scientists.

HCMS is working on Jatropha Plantation & is full-fledged sufficient in providing Jatropha related services to the established companies.
• Provision of land for Jatropha cultivation
• Provisions of farmers/land on contract basis.
• Provision of Jatropha seeds/seedlings in bulk quantity.
• Provision of machines and equipments for several processes like Trans-Esterification, etc.
• Provision of consultancy services related to land management.

Agriland are available for Jatropha cultivation having following amenities:
• Fully cultivated agriculture land in the state of Rajasthan, India; which is well suitable for Jatropha Curcas cultivation suiting Indian Climate; for
• 1)investment
• 2)cultivation
• 3)bio diesel refineries purpose.

Land Available is minimum 1,000acre to maximum 30,000 acre
Rate for Wasteland:INR 50,000 per acre
Rate for cultivated land:INR 1.5 to 2 Lacs. per acre
Waterlevel-65 ft below the ground level

Why us:
We are providing the consultancy services which, in other case, the buyer may not be getting.
We support Govt. Grants & Project Finances for the buyer.
We provide the buy- back & the marketing facilities.
We make low cost Labour available