Invest in Dairy Business and earn 30% returns Per year


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Cold Storage

Dear Sir,

There is a good demand for cold storage's in India and good Return On Investment as well.

We Supply, Install & Commission Cold Storage Across India.

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Mohsin Charaniya
I am intrested for Dairy Business in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

We are running the dairy farm very profitably in chittoor and selling the milk directly to major players like Tirumala Dairy and planning to increase capacity to 2500 liters a day in the next 2 years, long term plan is to become a major player in the industry.

We are looking for partners and investors to fuel this growth plan, we have investment options starting from 50,000/- Rupees to a few lakhs, with a guaranteed return of 30% Per Annum, investment of 2,00,000/- Rupees for a period of 3 years will get you returns of 5000/- rupees every month or a total sum of 4,00,000/- Rupees after completion of 3 year term

You will get the returns irrespective of the performance of the business and you don’t have to work, the investment are provided security of the dairy farm and a personal guarantee by the farm owners

following are additional details fo the current set up

Current set up:

Small Dairy Farm with 20 Crossbred Holstein Friesian cows
Initial investment Rs.21,90,000/-
Net profit per annum Rs.14,43,677/-

Breakeven point

Total investment /net profit = breakeven point

2190000/1443677= 1.5 years (all the investment will be recovered within 18 months)
Business risks and prospects:

Risks: this is a relatively risk free business as the market for the milk is guaranteed and cows can be covered by insurance
The business has high market growth and low market cap and protected by govenment as well due to the large number of farmers depending on it, which gives us an opportunity to expand like no other business can.

send me a PM with your contact details to be a part of this highly profitable venture

Manas Reddy

Dear Manas Jee,

I am in Real Estate business & looking forward for diversification, i am very much intrested for Dairy Business. Your quote on the subject is very good & practical as i know.

Can you suggest me how to move for 1st Step for Dairy business ? what do feel about atmosphere of Dairy businees in Raipur C.G. I can invest aqppropriate amount. Please guide me the feasibility & basic requirement for this business.

Umesh Brahmankar
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Hello Mr.Manas Reddy,

Was interested to know more about this dairy business. I was wondering if I can make a visit to the farm sometime. Pls do let me know more, kindly mail me on Thanks, R.SINGH, Bangalore.
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Hi Manas

Greetingsfor the day

My name if Venugopal Reddy from Hyderabad , we operating in the name of Reddy fodders ,we have our farm at Hayatnagar with 32 acres , we are pointier in growing Co4 we are the major suppliers of the Slips and fodder grass on pan India basis .We are also the green fodder consultants , If you have any requirement / intuition to explore opportunity with us in terms of FODDER Management , please revert back to us on or can reach me @ 7799221113

Warm Regards


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Looks like Mr. Manas lost his dairy farm[No offence to Manas]

see his partner's[krishnan] post,

they have sold everything

and looks like reason is labour problem, so guys before entering in this filed take a lesson from this

Thanks for UPA's Looters scheme that have ruined so many entrepreneurs...

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