INVEST 1 lac in running goat farm Pvt Ltd Co and earn 80% on ur investment yearly

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Investment in running Goat farming Projects (Agro-live stock rural Industries)

Multiply your initial capital investment 10 times in 5 Yrs & 10 months or get yearly benefits on your investment 80% of your investment Every 14 month for 5 years or surrender at your wish with calculated benefits by the company any time you wish.

The company has 40 goat farm projects, out of which 20 under operations and balance under commissioning. Each goat farm is scientifically constructed with a capacity of 4000 goats in open access goat farming on 25 acres or more

The registered Pvt Ltd goat farming company in Maharashtra , driven by management expert , will invest your investment money in multiple of 5000 per each goat as per govt prescribed rate per goat, you can buy 50,100 or multiple thereof, and can offer our company to put in the goat in the farm near to your place or at various locations .

The company buys goats on your name,
insured the goat,
prepare a return receipt of goat
and also make an agreement with you on Rs.100 bond paper with notary to promise you the returns of the benefits as claimed by the company to you.

Scientifically 1 goat of Rs.5000/- can get you earning of 25 lakes within 70 months has been technically proven. The company, therefore, can return your investment with calculated benefits at any stage of 5 years if you don't wish to continue , it will never be a problem to return your money with value added investment every year or at the end of 70 months as promised

Benifits to you :
1. 20% commission to you on recommendation to new investors
2. Guaranteed job on goat farm to your blood relation as per candidate qualifications min salary 5000 to 50,000 per month probation for 8 months and thereafter permanent with PF BUT you need to offer minimum25 goats to farm @ Rs.5000 per goat, the rate as prescribed by government

3 much more benefits get in touch on

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