Herbal Farming - 2,00,000 for 5 Cents


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The idea of Ayur Ville is a Village of Herbal Plantation.The Herbal medical Plants are under the guidance and contract with Coimbatore Arya vaidya Pharmacy, the famous Ayurvedic Medicinal organization.

Presenting Ayur Ville – the concept of a feral herbal retreat village covering a whopping 30 acres of herbal farm land off-Silent Valley in Agali, Kerala, a hilly region The land is divided into 360 Herbal Farming Village plot.

The herbal farm is a vast land where the pleasant herbs and fragrant flowers are grown adding to the flawless beauty of the environment. The aroma of the ambience itself has naturally therapeutic properties to relax your mind stress and purify your system. The land which is surrounded by the best facets of nature, the herbal land brings with it herbal and therapeutic wholesome land packed with scenic nature abound. Exotic Herbs like Ramacham (Vetiveria zizanioides), Vayambu (Acorus calamus), Museli (Asparagus) Aloe vera, pices and more essential medicinal herbs are grown. The inner roads are planted with “Ramacham” instead of grass paths; a walk barefoot is a refreshing way to great health.

Breathing the purest form of air rich with medicinal properties of herbs around is an unimaginable place to describe.
Staying in our cottages which are made with top-class Canadian woods is imbibed with purity at its best form. stay in this place for a day will suffice in experiencing the miraculous healing and refreshing properties of nature.

The ultra modern Riverview resort club house is a perfect mix of a 5 star ambiance in a village environment.Backed by our experiences of having designed several Five star hotels, it gives a solid expertise to create perfect Club houses with top-class amenities.


Our domains of expertise in land banking include Project selling that increases land values manifold from the time of Purchase. It all starts from identifying raw lands and smart ways of sorting out the legal issues as per grass hoop level legal formalities and develop these raw lands to Plush green herbal farms and Villas surrounded by the best fragrances of nature.


Our concept of Land banking yields fruitful results through best utilization of the lands that you purchase, that you get steady returns through various ways like Herbal farming, place of abodes and industrial utilization that are carried out in your lands, the yielding of which are trading to leading Corporates, NRIʼs and MNCʼs of our list
Herbal Villas that can be rented out on as Vacation villas or Weekend villas as the land value also keeps increasing concurrently.

The herbals we are planting here are under the guidence of with Coimbatore Arya vaidya Pharmacy,who is giving technical support and buy back guarantee. After the expenses,the yearly profit share will be distributed as per the plot size. So you will get a Regular income After Land purchase!


Itʼs not just the natural ambience that relaxes your mind but your wise investment too; your property that earns you multifold that you donʼt have to be worried about. The best part is that we take care of your investment.


Ayur Ville is located in Off Silent Valley,Agali -Kerala

Distance from Coimbatore Airport - 45 Kms
Distance from Ooty - 80 Kms
Distance from Mannarkkad - 40 Kms
Distance from Palakkad - 67 Kms
Distance from Silent Valley - 20 Kms


RS 2,00,000/2,10,000/2,20,000/3,00,000

For bookings please contact 9943747530 or preasproperties@gmail.com