Genuine farmers don’t face crisis!

Do you agree with the statement “ Genuine farmers don’t face crisis”

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Dr. Ubaid Khan, Manager, Development & Marketing, Pioneer Aromatics & Agri Solutions says-

Since long back, I am working with farming community. This is right the farmers are always in crisis and they are struggling to survive but this happens only with small and marginal scale farmers and not with rich farmers and newly emerging small or big agri entrepreneurs. At small scale, I believe organic farming is not successful in terms of achieving desirable yields. Poor farmers are not able to purchase costly organic inputs for their crops. They depend on locally available traditional manures and other sources of nutrients. The availability of natural resources such as FYM etc. further depends on livestock population of the region which is not necessarily sufficient for manure production. On the other hand, industrialists do not face these problems and can easily manage what a poor farmer is not able to do it. A poor farmer who is continuously involved in traditional inorganic cultivation practices cannot opt organic methods all of sudden. Sudden shift to organic practices can never generate comparable yield as in case of inorganic farming which ultimately indulges the farmer in financial crunch. However, an industrialist can easily manage high costs of nutrient sources for attaining desirable results the cost of which can be easily compensated with huge profits by targeting potential market of organic products. A poor farmer is not as educated as to find out market for his/her organic products. There are various other reasons but the most reasonable is what I have discussed above.

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genuine farmers may face crisis

"Mr. P.J Chackochan, Chairman Indian Organic Farmers Producer Company Ltd says -

We see every day the farmers are always in crisis, and they are struggling to survive. But a genuine organic farmer never starves. But they cannot come in the mainstream as industrialists."
genuine farmers may face crisis because they dont have an open market for their product,they face problem of monopoly.

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