Farming as individual is absolutely not possible.

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Dear Readers,

"Mr. Mandar Ratnakar Walawalkar, Member - Abhinav Farmers Club says -

Farming as individual is absolutely not possible. The group farming and that too Organic is the future. The farmers must be united and practice the latest technologies. They should stop expecting subsidies from govt. and start on their own."

Please reply back to this thread to tell us why you agree or disagree with this statement.

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Mr. Madhu. Ramakrishnan, Santhosh Farms says-

No doubt Group farming is of course a good solution for today’s problems. Again there is a bottle neck in applying that concept. Once you form a group and apply for some concessions , it is expected that the group should be a registered one. Once you register the group, ( all the unwanted formalities are to be followed ) you are in the clutch of rules and regulations. A government officer will soon guide or lead the group , and that will be the end of it.

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Mr. Deepak Khurana, partner, Khurana Dairy Farm says-

I agree to the point that organic farming at Group or cooperative level may be a better option because the risk is shared by the group and not the individual. However exploitation of farmers by the middleman continuous since farmer is not in a position to sell it directly to the customers. More often than not people in the chain make much more profit than the farmer who puts in the maximum effort. Cheap and subsidized technology needs to be made available to the farmer to enable him to introduce the technology and insulate him from the fear or actual losses.

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Mr. Basant Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, WiNaturals says-

Very rightly said. But there has to a start. Who will bell the cat. Everybody wants to win a race without running one. And that is why we keep saying that if you want to know what is good you should first understand what is bad, how bad it is and how to come out of it.

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Mr. Kalaimani Doraisamy, Founder and Proprietor Srinithi Agro Farm says-

Organic is the future. Correct. But you can’t divert a farmer towards the new technology and it will take some time for this. Subsidy should reach a farmer directly and that too as soon as possible.

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Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Head Operation & Marketing, Darjeeling Gardens Pvt Ltd says-

Individual farming creates the cluster of farmers on a particular agro product line depending on the topographical feature of the area accepting the latest technology of production, knowledge on the market scenario which can if done dedicatedly expose the government through the revenue generation of the area and thus creates Industry.

So, I believe if there is any kinds of facilities provide by the government we must utilize those facilities. Those subsidies encourages the farmers to grow more, if we are talking about the small farmers then the cost of technology set up is very high which can be possible to procure only which the help of government. If they stop rely on government then either the yield decreases or the agri-land will be converted into commercial land. Which increases the inflation rates of the agro products and thus hampers the economics of the country.

I would say if the government encourages the farmers individually or in a group through promoting new technology, Training Farmers, simplification of the formalities towards the application of the subsidies then it would have been more flourishing.

In our scenario we have venture individually as a company under NHB scheme but we didn’t rely on the government because of their complicated procedure, but we always thought of Subsidies as a bonus. But what about the individual farmers on a product like Cymbidium which took almost three years to flower, how would they survive.

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Mr. Abhijit Savant, Co-owner, Prerana Lab says-

Yes. Farmers need to come together and find solutions to their day-to-day problems. Technology is only an enabler and will help them achieve the solutions that they seek. I don't fully agree that they should stop expecting support from the government. The government is equally responsible to support the community, not only by way of subsidies, but managing the water resources, spreading awareness of healthy farm practices - all needs to be looked into by the government. However, depending solely on government support also will not help either.

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Joint Venture / Group Farming / Community Farming opportunity available



I have been reading various tempting and eye-catching posts by various farmers, consultants, experts, professionals, enthusiasts claiming lucrative PROFITS from various AGRICULTURE RELATED PROJECTS.

I am from Yavatmal District in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra State known for farmers suicides. I am in search of a REAL PROFITABLE project/crop/business/alternative which could be followed by the fellow farmers from this region. I am repeatedly appealing and have published following appeal but unfortunately got no response till date. Yes, some consultants approached asking for fees but I told them that I am ready to provide you the infrastructure, you demonstrate your project and share profit.

I am still open to the genuine profit sharing proposals ( even for demo project I can consider allowing the demonstrator to take all the profit himself with a condition to accept my daily monitoring and he should share the data and activity details / record including daily income / expenses etc with me to keep track and make it available to the interested free of cost).

Please forward it to the interested people you know, waiting for opportunity/chance to prove themselves.

The original appeal is as follows-

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70 Acres Piece of this Farmland is located near Shingandoh Irrigation Tank, here 50 acres Clonal Eucalyptus is planted in August 2009 , Electric connection of 7.5+5=12.5 HP connected in December 2011, 3 farm-ponds are dug and water lifting permission from state irrigation department is available.

Another 55 Acres plot adjoining Ghui Percolation Tank in Ghui Village here 40 acres Clonal Eucalyptus is planted in August 2009 still rain fed, 2 farm ponds and 2 bore-wells are dug, 3 electric connections of 5 HP= total 15 HP will be connected by October 2014.

We have all the infrastructure i.e.58 HP H.M.T.5911 Model Tractor with all farm implements, tractor driven water lifting pump, Bullock Carts, Tailor's, 5000 Sq.Ft.Plot with Water Well for building Residential, Storage and Processing Unit in Ghui Village.

The land is suitable for setting up a Nursery / Dairy / Poultry / Goshala ( Cattle Breeding - Development of Indian Breeds of Cows and Bullocks) / Goat Farm / Imu Farm / Mango - Sweet Lime - Oranges - Lemon - Custard Apple - Berry - Tamarind - Jamun Orchards under Horticulture Development / Lakh (Resin) Production / Eucalyptus - Subabhul - Bamboo Plantation under Agro Forestry Development / Eucalyptus Citriodora - Chandan - Rakta Chandan - Aloevera Plantation under Essential Oil, Herbal and Medicinal Plants Development / Sugarcane Farming with Gud (Jaggary) Production Unit, or even to start a CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture Project coupled with Agro-Eco Tourism Resort.

The Cargo Hub with International Airport project is coming up at Butibori near Nagpur which is just 120 kms from Yavatmal. It has opened doors for immense business opportunities for enterprising youth in export field.

Proposals are invited from all interested for Joint Venture / Profit Sharing / Partnership / Stake Holding / Contract Farming etc. Proposals from Persons who are self confident and willing to accept challenges and ready to invest for share profit / loss shall also be considered.We shall guide such new entrepreneurs with our experience and expertise in farming.

If interested please contact 919423089706 / 919404415284/ 917232245567/ 917232288724 or email

To discuss face to face in video-conferencing please invite ORGAGRO on skype and ANANT JOGLEKAR on Google+ (

Please forward it to the interested people you know, waiting for opportunity/chance to prove themselves.

Thanks and Regards

Anant Joglekar

anant joglekar

The ultimate goal of natural farming is not simply growing crops but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. Masanobu Fukuoka


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S. Durga Prasad Rao, Proprietor and Farmer, Sai Durga Overseas says-

Farmers must be united because when we work in a group the strength becomes more powerful. Yes, in India it’s not yet adopted fully but we can learn things how we can reduce more risks by group farming rather than individual. We have to build trust on each other and should make transparent policies. I believe group farming reduces more losses and people can be more updated time to time. Govt. policies are available to help farmers but they cannot depend on them. They have their own courage to prove themselves by unite and updated about new technologies of smart farming.

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Mr. Mohsin Shaikh, Owner and Chairman, Osmanabadi Goat Farm says-

Yes, group farming is always profitable compared to individual one and we have done the same thing. We have united 51 goat farmers and we have formed a union. Now the goats are being sold in bulk quantity due to group farming. Presently subsidies from NABARD have been stopped since the last 3 years, and so people should apply now for subsidies and have to start their own. Initially there will be some hurdles but we have to overcome them. We have started our goat farming with just 2 goats and now we are selling more than 4000 goats per year.

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Sudhir Bhagwanrao Bhilar, Director, Gigantic Triumph Private Limited says-

It’s a nice point. Yes, it’s true that if farmers work together in group, they will be secured and also profitable. But here in India the main issue is LACK OF TRUST when we work in group, we have the trust so we have formed groups to work, but when it comes to sharing a profit that time problems occur. But yes, if every farmer follows a standard process (which is transparent) slowly they will get adapted to it, and the end result will be surely appreciated.

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Mrs. Mital Bhatt, Owner Earth Consultancy, says-

Yes, definitely. In many states like Maharashtra and Assam where farmers have their own group and registered firm and also able to survive and provide best products in market and the government also gives full support to them for new innovative ideas and treatment in fruit and cash crops.

Earth Consultancy,
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Vincent Thomas, Managing Director, Greenland Agro Traders says-

Exactly. Organic Group farming is the future. But some individual Professionals are also coming to the world of Organic farming and adopting the latest technologies. Group farming is coming up very well and the Govt. is also promoting it to a great extent. The Government exchequer has good allotment for the Agri- sector as Agriculture is the backbone of our Economy. So all the available resources and subsidies from Govt. has to be utilised fully and latest technologies has to be adopted for better productivity.

Greenland Agro Traders
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Pyro Trade Links/Pyro Cheme says-

Yes. Even they have to go for their own marketing strategy. Then only they can get more profit, as they have a lot of time.

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Mr. Krishnamurthy,Toyo Biotech says-

There are many instances where individual farmers have made a success of themselves. But in the present circumstances due to the changes labor situation and also due to the fact that it is imperative for one to labor in the field has changed the equation totally. Group farming will ensure pooling of resources and is a better survival technique. But total organic cultivation is one which is yet to prove itself. Definitely the farmers should unite to get the synergy on various inputs and follow the latest practices and technologies. Government subsidies need to be looked at from different angles. Of course, totally depending on subsidies is a no-no. But subsidizing farmers to adopt new cultivation techniques and practices may be a base for building his confidence. But these should be withdrawn on a phased manner. Once the farmer is confident on the system he then should be on his own.

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Mr. Rajesh Shirodkar, Proprietor, Soham Agro Services says-

I do agree to it. Not all the things are government responsibilities. Co-operative is a good way and should be practiced more and more. Unity is the strength.

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Mr. Alwarsamy Chandrashekar, MD A C V Products Pvt. Ltd says-

Group farming is Ok. But i do not agree , “farming as individual is absolutely not possible”

This is just to uproot an individual from his lands.

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Mr. Sudheesh Nair, C.E.O, Safe Agroinputs & Consultancy, says-

Surely the subsidies must stop. Farmers must implement the latest technologies. They need a group discussion about the farming, selling, and price fixing, arrangement, cold storage controlled harvesting etc., will help our farmers. Gradually we can convert to organic cultivation. And thoughts of farmers also need to change. They should know that they are the base of the human beings. If they are not producing food grains how can these white collared people eat? Can they eat computers and new technologies?

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Mr. Atul Kripashankar Yadav, Director, Biocare India says-

Farmers must be united because when we work in a group the strength becomes more powerful. Yes, in India it’s not yet adopted fully but we can learn things how we can reduce more risks by group farming rather than individual. We have to build trust on each other and should make transparent policies. I believe group farming reduces more losses and people can be more updated time to time. Govt. policies are available to help farmers but they cannot depends on them. They have their own courage to prove themselves by unite and updated about new technologies of smart farming.

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