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Dear Sir,
It gives us immense pleasure to inform that after years of painstaking research we have discovered a New Granular Fertilizer which is by itself capable of replacing or substituting Hazardous Chemical DAP.

Our Organic Product comes in Granule form and is itself capable of conditioning the plant to not require to apply DAP to the plant.

Panchamrit Bio Organic Silicon based Soil Conditioner Granules.

100% Fast Soluble Soil Conditioner Granules.
Bio Organic Substitute for Chemical / Synthetic DAP.
Active Bio organisms & Organic Extract based Soil Conditioner Granules.

Silicon based Granules to give High Moisture & Nutrient Absorbent capacity, to uphold Moisture from Irrigation and Nutrients for elongated Period for the roots for a better and faster rate of growth of plants.

(Nutrient : N, P, K as Major Micronutrients
Sulphur, Calcium, Zinc, Copper,Iron as minor nutrients)

Note : keep few granules of DAP/NPK any grade/Urea close to Panchamrit granules. you would notice the granules begin to melt, or solubilize,because it attracts and absorbs the Nitrogen, Potassium,Phosphorus from the former towards themselves.

Contains natural extract based Gibberellins for more budding, prevent falling off and strong plant.

The result visible within 14-15 days after application.

The granules work upto 20-25 days from date of application.

The results last upto 3 months . or 1 crop season.

Could be applied via sowing m/c, hand suspension.

Dosage : 50 Kgs per Acre Land.

could be mixed with any chemical Fertilizer.

We also offer the product in Clients Brand name on Bulk Basis.

Thanks & Regards,

Nirav Kikani.
M/s. Aryan Crop Care,
1213, Swastik Society,
Bhavnagar – 364 001.
 : 0278 - 2207193 Mob: 09898341199 /9328341199
Email: ,

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)