Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

dap fertilizer

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    Now IFFCO Entering In Agriculture Industry.

    Hello friends this is a great news for us to see IFFCO in Agriculture Industry. IFFCO introduce for India Farmers. Here IFFCO Introduce Some Programs For Indian Farmers. 1. They Introduce Farmer Education Program. 2. They Provide Fertilizer in Low Cost. 3. They Provide News In...
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    Distributors & Dealers for Marketing DAP substitute Granular Organic Fertilizer.

    Dear Sir, It gives us immense pleasure to inform that after years of painstaking research we have discovered a New Granular Fertilizer which is by itself capable of replacing or substituting Hazardous Chemical DAP. Our Organic Product comes in Granule form...
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    Dap fertilizer urea for sale.

    kaydeezee Energy &minerlas Consulting int We are Ship Brokers and Agents& repsentatives ,supplier, for Chartering, Sales and Purchase of vessels,bunker fuel,d2,mazut,bolco,j54,bitumen,oliveoil,cement,gold ,MFO 180/380 Cst at,ship,dust,worldwide. kaydeezee energy and minerals consulting int ,is...