Opportunity Dealers / Distribution opportunity for organic fertilizer (Humic stars)

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Ryan Export & Import is the recognized distributor of Humic Stars for domestic and international market. Humic Stars is an organic plant growth promoter, it enhances the soil condition and helps the plant to grow well.It increases water absorption, respiration, photosynthesis & germination rate, root, shoot growth & also increase the yield by 15-70% in many crops. Humic stars has been regarded as alternate solution to chemical fertilizer.

Approved and Licensed by NLS & NRDC -Government Of India.The unique feature of the product is its technology invented and formulated by Government.Its known for its reliability and proven its performance through various trials conducted by recognized Agriculture universities in India under various agro-climatic condition through out India.We have supplied this product in various parts of India notably Punjab,J&K,Maharashtra,AP and others.

We would like to invite any interested companies to join us for dealer/distributor for their respective regions to work on long term basis.
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