Dairy farm Project report and reference guide for beginners at LOW PRICE 250 Rs only


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Information Guide Book & Financial Project report on Dairy Farming Prepared on 2014 Data ( Modification can be done according to your requirement)

250 Rs only
Soft copy will be sent to your mail
Mode of paymen NEFT or cash deposit to account

This will be helpful for the beginners who are planning to start their cattle farm in India. Also will be helpful for those who are making loss in their farm and help them to make profit.

Customization options are available

  1. Cattle size as per requirement
  2. Capital investment available
  3. Loan analysis

Dairy farming calculator available on demand and charges is 500 Rs.
Just enter number of cattles, price per cattle, yield per day and last selling price per liter.
Final report will be generated automatically. Dont have to consult and consultant for your analysis

Guide covers the following:

  1. Introduction to Dairy Farming
  2. Market Survey
  3. Advantages of Dairy Farming
  4. Types of Breed
  5. Dairy and Breed selection
  6. Animal Selection steps with picture
  7. Cattle selection score card
  8. Land Requirement
  9. Land selection parameters
  10. About Modern Israel Loose house farm
  11. Farm shed layout and material details
  12. Equipment details with local equipment seller
  13. Age Detection steps with picture
  14. Vaccination Schedule
  15. Reproduction cycle with picture
  16. Care of new born calves
  17. De-corning, De-worming and Tagging
  18. Different Types of Feeds
  19. Feeding Ratio based on Age and Litre of milking
  20. Home made Concentrate feed making
  21. Green Fodder cultivation step by step details
  22. Dry fodder preparing method
  23. Calf Replacer
  24. Silage making steps with picture
  25. Feed sellers (Even we teach making concentrate feed at home)
  26. Farm cleaning and Normal Practice in Farm
  27. Workers daily working schedule in farm
  28. Record Maintenance for extra profit
  29. Insurance premium and Company details
  30. Present farms list for free visit
  31. Dairy Farm Training centers
  32. Nabard Contact Details
  33. Economic Report Includes the following
  34. Building cost
  35. Equipment cost
  36. Cattle cost
  37. Insurance cost
  38. Veterinary cost
  39. Green/Dry Fodder cost
  40. Concentrate Feed cost
  41. Salary and Maintenance
  42. Total Project Cost
  43. Total Turnover
  44. Total Profit
  45. Break even point and other economic parameters
  46. EMI and Interest repayment schedule
  47. Finance and subsidy options
  48. Stock value and depreciation
  49. Cash flow and financial projection for 5 years

After payment need 12 - 24 hours to prepare personal report according to your requirement.
Will send you the analysis detailed report via mail.


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Would you also be able to provide such a project report for a new Pig farming project to be located around Bangalore/Hosur?


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Dairy farm Project report and reference guide for beginners


I need soft copy of Dairy farm Project report and reference guide for beginners (at LOW PRICE 250 Rs only), please provide bank details for remitting the payment.

Confirm after payment when will receive the soft copy.


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