Consultancy Services Offered By HCMS



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Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society 1996, is an ISO certified NGO having diversified network among the nation. It addresses itself as one of the growing organizations, catering to qualitative and fruitful consultancy services to Agro industry(s). The organization has achieved a remarkable position among Agri-sector.

The services are designed keeping in view of environmental effects& individual requirement.With the promotional programmes for modern agricultural practises and crops that generate ever-increasing yields,women & child development,livelihood & capacity building activities,soil & water conservation,health & hygiene & sanitation awareness we are helping people to create a better future.

The society has been promoting medicinal , horticultural,Jatropha & aromatic plantation since then & giving time to time input to the farmers from technology to marketing all over INDIA mainly Rajasthan. We are working on village, panchayat, zilla and Tehsil, Block level as social groups, medium for Government to aware farmers for the procedure and benefits of this cultivation

The society can do its best by providing value through the services we offer to farmers.With the growth of modern Agricultural practices that generate ever-increasing yield, we are helping farmers to create a better future for human beings, the environment,& local economies.

Our Consultancy services varies from a single farmer to co-operatives and corporate to government institutions. All of them have specific needs goals and objectives. We take up the responsibility of fulfilling their needs through best services and carry them within the stipulated time frame.
Our focus areas:
•Resource Centre both for farmers, rural communities and up-coming voluntary agencies to be a source of motivation and provide technical guidance support and be a facilitator for developmental actions.
•More & more cultivation of Aloe Vera, Stevia and other medicinal & horticultural plants.
•Educate farmers for agricultural irrigation and water conservation based on drip/sprinkler methods.
•Multiple agricultural facilities, inputs to farmers and equip them with the appropriate training & skills.
•Enhance productivity and utility of wastelands by Jatropha cultivation.
•Educate the farmers and community at a large in with issues on environment that affects the overall eco-system.
•Promotion and trainings for organic farming,e.g organic & neem manre,pesticides,vermi composed etc.
•Educate on conservation of soil & water.
•Public farm/livestock development.
•Promotion of Cottage industries.
•Contract farming & land management.
•Promotion of all Medicinal & horticulture cultivation ,fruits & vegetables with green house with the help of its professionally skilled team which consists of agriculture graduates and agriculture scientists who guides the entire process of transplantation with utmost perfection