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New Member added a new report on "Livestock Ranching & Farming in the US" give import and export trends for Livestock Ranching and Farming in US.
Livestock Ranching & Farming in the US

Boutique Beef and Dairy

This mature industry faces a number of challenges to growth, such as consumer concerns about the health effects of red meat consumption. This industry is also subject to competition, both externally from poultry products, and internally from the specialist beef and dairy industries. The best way forward for the Dual Purpose Cattle Ranching and Farming industry is to focus on developing niche markets in organic produce to address health concerns about the consumption of beef and dairy products.( Livestock Ranching & Farming in the US )

This Industry Market Research report provides a detailed analysis of the Livestock Ranching & Farming in the US industry, including key growth trends, statistics, forecasts, the competitive environment including market shares and the key issues facing the industry.

Industry Definition

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising cattle for both milking and meat production. There are three types of cattle: beef cattle (classified under NAICS 11211), dairy cattle (classified under NAICS 11212) and dual purpose cattle (classified under this industry NAICS 11213).

Report Contents

The Key Statistics chapter provides the key indicators for the industry for at least the last three years. The statistics included are industry revenue, industry gross product, employment, establishments, exports, imports, domestic demand and total wages.

The Market Characteristics chapter covers the following: Market Size, Linkages, Demand Determinants, Domestic and International Markets, Basis of Competition and Life Cycle. The Market Size section gives the size of the domestic market as well as the size of the export market. The Linkages section lists the industry's major supplier and major customer industries. The Demand Determinants section lists the key factors which are likely to cause demand to rise or fall. The Domestic and International Markets section defines the market for the products and services of the industry. This section provides the size of the domestic market and the proportion accounted for by imports and exports and trends in the levels of imports and exports. The Basis of Competition section outlines the key types of competition between firms within the industry as well as highlighting competition from substitute products in alternative industries. The Life Cycle section provides an analysis of which stage of development the industry is at.

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