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Neem (Azadirachta indica) – Neem has been found to be effective in the management of approximately 200 insects, pests and nematodes. Neem is very effective against grasshoppers, leaf hoppers, plant hoppers, aphids, jassids, and moth caterpillars. Neem extracts, are also very effective against beetle larvae, butterfly, moth and caterpillars such as Mexican bean beetle, Colorado potato beetle and diamondback moth. Neem is very effective against grasshoppers, leaf minor and leaf hoppers such as variegated grasshoppers, green rice leaf hopper and cotton jassids. Neem is fairly good in managing beetles, aphids and white flies, mealy bug, scale insects, adult bugs, fruit maggots and spider mites.

Some other pest control formulations
Many organic farmers and NGOs have developed large number of innovative formulations which are effectively used for control of various pests. Although none of these formulations have been subjected to scientific validation but their wide acceptance by farmers speak of their usefulness. Farmers can try these formulations, as they can be prepared on their own farm without the need of any purchases.
Some of the popular formulations are listed below:
Cow urine – Cow urine diluted with water in ratio of 1: 20 and used as foliar spray is not only effective in the management of pathogens & insects, but also acts as effective growth promoter for the crop.

Fermented curd water – In some parts of central India fermented curd water (butter milk or Chaach) is also being used for the management of white fly, jassids aphids etc.
Dashparni extract – Crush neem leaves 5 kg, Vitex negundo leaves 2 kg, Aristolochia leaves 2 kg, papaya (Carica Papaya) 2 kg, Tinospora cordifolia leaves 2 kg, Annona squamosa (Custard apple) leaves 2 kg, Pongamia pinnata (Karanja) leaves 2 kg, Ricinus communis (Castor) leaves 2 kg, Nerium indicum 2 kg, Calotropis procera leaves 2 kg, Green chilly paste 2 kg, Garlic paste 250 gm, Cow dung 3 kg and Cow Urine 5 lit in 200 lit water ferment for one month. Shake regularly three times a day. Extract after crushing and filtering. The extract can be stored up to 6 months and is sufficient for one acre.

Neem-Cow urine extract - Crush 5 kg neem leaves in water, add 5lit cow urine and 2 kg cow dung, ferment for 24 hrs with intermittent stirring, filter squeeze the extract and dilute to 100 lit, use as foliar spray over one acre. Useful against sucking pests and mealy bugs.

Mixed leaves extract - Crush 3 kg neem leaves in 10 lit cow urine. Crush 2 kg custard apple leaf, 2 kg papaya leaf, 2kg pomegranate leaves, 2 kg guava leaves in water. Mix the two and boil 5 times at some interval till it becomes half. Keep for 24 hrs, then filter squeeze the extract. This can be stored in bottles for 6 months. Dilute 2-2.5 lit of this extract to 100 lit for 1 acre. Useful against sucking pests, pod/fruit borers.

Chilli-garlic extract - Crush 1 kg Ipomea (besharam) leaves, 500 gm hot chilli, 500 gm garlic and 5 kg neem leaves in 10 lit cow urine. Boil the suspension 5 times till it becomes half. Filter squeeze the extract. Store in glass or plastic bottles. 2-3 lit extract diluted to 100 lit is used for one acre. Useful against leaf roller, stem/fruit/pod borer

Broad spectrum formulation - 1 - In a copper container mix 3 kg fresh crushed neem leaves and 1 kg neem seed kernel powder with 10 lit of cow urine. Seal the container and allow the suspension to ferment for 10 days. After 10 days boil the suspension, till the volume is reduced to half. Ground 500 gm green chillies in 1 lit of water and keep overnight. In another container crush 250gm of garlic in water and keep overnight. Next day mix the boiled extract, chilli extract and garlic extract. Mix thoroughly and filter. This is a broad spectrum pesticide and can be used on all crops against wide variety of insects. Use 250 ml of this concentrate in 15 lit of water for spray.

Broad spectrum formulation - 2 Suspend 5 kg neem seed kernel powder, 1kg Karanj seed powder, 5 kg chopped leaves of besharam (Ipomea sp.) and 5kg chopped neem leaves in a 20lit drum. Add 10-12 lit of cow urine and fill the drum with water to make 150 lit. Seal the drum and allow it to ferment for 8-10 days. After 8 days mix the contents and distil in a distiller. Distillate will act as a good pesticide and growth promoter. Distillate obtained from 150lit liquid will be sufficient for one acre. Dilute in appropriate proportion and use as foliar spray. Distillate can be kept for few months without any loss in characteristics.

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