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Basic Principals of Natueco farming

Harvesting the sun
In all biological processes, energy input is required and solar energy is the only available resource. No time and no square foot of sun energy should be lost by not harvesting it biologically. Lost sun energy is lost opportunity.

Photosynthesis is the main process by which Solar Energy is absorbed. It is of course the objective to obtain a higher degree of photosynthesis. Although genetically photosynthesis efficiency is around 1.5% to 2.5%, we can increase leaf index [area of leaf for every square meter of land] by caring for healthy canopies, use of multiple canopy utilizing direct and filtered sunrays.

Five Stages in plant life

Every plant goes through five stages in its life: [1] Childhood [2] Puberty [3]Youth [4] Maturity and [5] Old age. These stages are of roughly equal duration and external interventions at specific stages are most important. (e.g. There is no use giving fertilizer dose when the plant has become old and is dying) Generally, plants can be classified as having a seasonal, short duration life span [90 to 130 days], medium life span of 4 – 5 years, or perennial long life span. For short duration life span, all 5 stages become very critical. For example, if sumptuous roots are not developed in the first 15-20 days [20% of lifespan] no amount of external inputs, thereafter will be useful or effective. Leaves and Branches also show these stages in their life cycles.

Yellow, old leaves can only fall and cannot be rejuvenated. Old branches eventually become deadwood.

Medium for root zone

Generally, this is soil. However, one can do without it as in the case of hydroponics.

The main purpose of the medium is
• To give support to the plant and anchoring it by means of shoot root and feeder roots.
• To supply nutrients to the feeder roots.
• To provide moisture to the plant roots.
• To provide good air circulation to the roots.

It is always possible to prepare an ideal soil by human intervention. The soil also supports a whole range of life starting from microorganisms up to earthworms. The presence of these life forms provide essential benefits to the plant roots, in that they convert minerals found in nature into root-absorbable forms.

Plants manufacture their own food Unlike animals, plants manufacture their own food. By means of photosynthesis, water and carbon dioxide, is converted into sugar: glucose, which is then converted to other forms of sugar, lignin, fats, etc. Plants produce 3 – 4g of dry mass/ square foot of photosynthesis area / per one Sunday of 8 – 10 hrs. From this: (i) 1g is used in plant metabolism (ii) 1g is used to build plant body, roots, stem, leaves, etc and (iii)1g is either stored or used for producing fruits. It is very useful and instructive to know, especially about the timings and places of storage of food/ energy and how to tap them at appropriate time.

Without the knowledge of this the enzymes and hormones [Gibberilic acid, Indol acetic acid] may lead to a stage, where plants grow with luxurious growth but scarce fruiting.

Plant Biochemistry
Hormones are the messengers and enzymes are the catalysts of plant metabolism, hence their study is very useful for general understanding of plant physiology.

A family’s requirement can be met in just 1000 m2

It is possible to create a microclimate within 10 Guntha (1 guntha =1000sq.ft), which can meet one family’s entire requirement, needed for respectable living.
Limited water supply

Assured supply of 1000 liters of water per day is a right of every family. With this as the only external input, prosperity can be built from within the neighborhood using the Prayog Pariwar methodology

The article will continue tomorrow.

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