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Aloe vera belongs to the family Liliacae and is mainly cultivated for its thick fleshy leaves. There are 300 known species of Aloevera in the world out of which Aloe Barbadensis Miller is considered as the best type with 95% of medicinal properties.

Hahnemann charitable mission society, an ISO certified NGO, established in the year 1996 is working in the area of commercialization of medicinal plants & assisting farmers in cultivating such plants so that farmers get financial freedom. HCMS is promoting Aloe Vera cultivation all over India. HCMS has well qualified & experienced technical staff for farming, setting up & monitoring Aloe Vera Cultivation. The organization has employed technical advisers, Agronomists & field officers

Farmers in India regularly faces problem like lack of rain, low ground water level, soil degradation etc. therefore cultivation of aloe Vera would be beneficial as it requires minimum usage of water & the returns from it would be more than 50,000 yearly per acre. According to market demand, many processing units have already established in the country & according to an estimation, more than 300 industries are processing Aloe Vera leaf.

HCMS’S Achievements:

1 Industry establishment by HCMS whose production is 3000 kg per day.
2.We have trained around 200 farmers for Aloe vera cultivation.
3.HCMS has already promoted approx.700 acres land under Aloe Vera cultivation in Rajasthan & also helped in its marketing.
4.The upcoming project of HCMS includes high tech cultivation of Aloe Vera in the year 2009-10 with mini sprinkler and Drip Irrigation system.

HCMS is also promoting various Aloe Vera products to Indian & Foreign based companies.Aloe products are:
1.Aloe vera juice
2.Aloe Vera Plant
3.Aloe Vera Gel
4.Aloe Vera Leaves

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)