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Aloe Vera All Qty you need to import


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We are a Mexican Company that want to export different presentations of Aloe Vera. We produce, manufacture and sell different product like:

* Cosmetic (Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Shampoo)
* Drinks (Different flavors)
* Raw Material (Leaves, Powder, Juice, Pulp)

We also have specialized transport equipment to send our raw material and finished products to maritime ports which final destines are Europe and Asia, as well as to most important Mexican Cities. Our extensive production capacity of raw material, concentrates and powder as well as drinks and cosmetics are supported by modern installations which allows us to give a fast response to Aloe Vera necessities at any of its forms to our customers.

Our raw material, Aloe Vera leaves of the highest quality grown in its natural habitat in the zone of Mexico, is a pollution-free environment. This means that no fertilizers, insecticides or grass killers have interfered with the plant´s growth. For that reason, our all plantations have been planted and worked organically. Certified by Farm Verified Organic and Quality Assurance International. The guarantee of quality is that our raw material and finished products have been certified by The International Aloe Science Council and certified by Kosher.

In addition to this, the water used for irrigating the Aloe Vera is either natural rain water or spring water which filters down through the surrounding mountain, bringing with it all the characteristics of purity that only nature can provide and assuring the highest quality of Aloe Vera in the market.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)