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aloe beauty

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    Aloe Vera All Qty you need to import

    We are a Mexican Company that want to export different presentations of Aloe Vera. We produce, manufacture and sell different product like: * Cosmetic (Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Shampoo) * Drinks (Different flavors) * Raw Material (Leaves, Powder, Juice, Pulp) We also have specialized...
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    Aloe Vera Pulp for Sale

    Aloe Vera Pulp We are one of the foremost processors, exporters and suppliers of optimum quality Aloe Vera Pulp. This is a thin clear jellylike substance obtained from the parenchymal tissue that makes up the inner portion of the leaves. The offered pulp is widely used in the formulation...
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    alovera cultivtion

    Aloevera is one of the most useful medicinal crops in resent scenario. As the crop is only source of natural medicinal ingredients. The aloevera juice works as a body purifier. The aloevera crop is propagated by the suckers. We can provide you the aloeera suckers .You will require the 10,000...