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King Chilli/ Bhut Jolokia/ Naga Mirchi

We Sell Bhut Jolokia from North East, India.
We provide our customers Bhut Jolokia in Smoke Dried, Dry Pod & Powder forms.

We have the following:-
Dry Bhut Jolokia Pod - Oven Dried and Smoke Dried
Bhut Jolokia Powder
Bhut Jolokia Flakes

Large Cardamom
We have North East Large Cardamom in huge quantity for sell.

Fresh Ginger From Assam
Fresh Ginger from North East, India.
Most of ginger in North Eastern states is produced under organic conditions.
Growers produce mainly two varieties of ginger: Nadia, with high fibre; and Aizol with less or no fibre. Aizol is more in demand and has negotiating value in Domestic and the international market.

Cinnamon Stick
We Sell Cinnamon Stick from North East, India.
It is widely used as an aromatic spice in preparing curries and rice dishes.
It also finds uses in flavoured cereals and fruits.

Assam Tazpatta
Bayleaf from North East, India.
We at Aroma collect and pack the best available dry bay leaf for our customers.

Lakadong Turmeric from North East India
Lakadong Variety of Turmeric with high curcumin 5.4% - 7.6%.
Lakadong Turmeric is available in whole dry form & Powder.

Hot Chilli Bird Eye Chilli for Bulk sale
We Sell Bird Eye Chilli (Dhani) from North East, India.
We provide our customers Bird Eye Chilli (Dhani) in Dry Pod.

Broom Grass Stick
We sell Broom Grass Stick from North East, India.
Right now we have a stock of 10,000 furnished Pieces of Broom Grass Stick for sell. They are from North East India.
Do get in touch if interested in buying.

Mr. Abidur Rahman
Aroma Tea International Co

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