Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    For Sale Organic Black Turmeric/ White Turmeric/ Java Turmeric/ Mango Ginger or Amba Haldi (Curcuma Amada)

    We are the Producers of 4 rare types of Turmeric in 20 acres of cluster area in North East India. If anybody requires it, Please share your contact number privately.
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    For Sale Want Fresh Ginger from North East India? BEST RATES AVAILABLE @Rs 33/- per Kg

    Details Condition - New Brand - Raibang Export House FRESH GINGER/ADRAK Available from North East India for Ready to Dispatch. MOQ - 500 Kg. *Rate till limited stock and only for Bulk orders. Please inbox .
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    7 Crop Foundation – first generation farmers opt for multi-cropping and direct sales

    Groceries, fruits and vegetables tops any shopping list of a common man. It will be sold by the farmer and bought by the consumer hence there is no need of any third person in this supply chain! “We know this fact hence instead of selling our farm produce in the wholesale market we decided to...
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    Fresh Ginger from maharashtra

    We have 50 Ton fresh ginger of mahim variety for sale at phaltan satara maharashtra. If interested please contact. Shridhar K. Parab- 9 8 1 9 4 6 4 5 1 6
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    Garlic Extract Allicin ready for shipment

    ALLICIN Product Introduction Appearance:white floating powder with strong garlic smell Specificayion: 15% 25% Main component: [(CH2=CHCH2)2S3 Function: 1) Prohibiting ans killing harmful germs 2) Stimulating animal`s appetite 3) Detoxicating and keep healthy 4) Resisting moulds and...
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    looking for fertile agricultural land nearby Sangareddy

    Looking for fertile land with adequate water facility., suitable for ginger,sugarcane farming around Sangareddy medak district.. Planning for 10 acres @2 to 4 lacs per acre.
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    Need info on Zero budget farming & Intercropping in Banana

    Hi, we want to adapt Subhash Palekar's Zero Budget Farming for our Banana farm. We were advised to grow turmeric and ginger as intercrops for better result. Can anyone second this and why? Does any one grow this kind of intercrop in South India, especially in Northern part of Karnataka...
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    Ginger farming in Raigad district Maharashtra

    hi i would like to know if any farmer is taking ginger crop in raigad district in Maharashtra. i would like to visit the farm for guidance.
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    Fresh Ginger For Sale

    Fresh Ginger For Sale Fresh Ginger to be cultivated in another 1 month is for sale. Please contact with your contact details to Thanks, Venkatesh
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    Ginger Soft rot

    Dear My ginger farm has been infected with soft rot disease.. How to manage??? Plz help me..
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    Herbal leafs, seeds, barks , roots etc available

    Hello our there, we have medicinal herbs of over 100species in stock ranging from leafs, roots, stems, barks, seeds, seedlings etc . see below some of our products .Chamomile,AloeveraLeafs,Ginger,Lavender,Garlic,Spinach,Catnip,Thyme,Voacanga africana, moringa seeds, athemesia, Thyme,Tea Tree...
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    Onion, potato, ginger, small onion

    Dear All, We can able to supply Onion ( Nasik ) Potato ( Bengal, Agra, Gujarat, Kolar ) Small Onion ( Tamilnadu ) Ginger ( Assam, Karnataka) Quality > Price > Timing Delivery > is Assured for more details :
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    wanted old ginger suppliers

    I am from madurai in tamilnadu,have requirement of 500 -1000 kgs of old ginger weekly.Cash on delivery,can delivery the products in parcel service.Those who are interested can mail me-
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    Need a good quality ginger & turmeric in bulk quantity

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    Tropical flower planting materials

    I'm in tropical cut flower business and can offer planting materials of the same. Have different varities of Heliconia, Ginger types and Costus woodsonii. Offering farm consultancy services too.
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    Require at Nagpur (Maharashtra). .Ginger and Turmeric rhizomes 3. cow dung

    Ginger and Turmeric rhizomes are required immediately at Nagpur(Maharashtra) for sowing Please contact Rajendra Kanphade on +91 9372233366. Also requires cow dung any quantity up to 80 Ton to be delivered near Nagpur (maharashtra)
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    REQUIRE IMMEDIATELY SEEDS (Rhizomes) of GINGER and TURMERIC and bougainvillea plants

    We require IMMEDIATELY at Nagpur (Maharashtra)seeds (Rhizomes) of GINGER and TURMERIC and plants of bougainvillea to plant commercially.
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    Ginger Garlic Paste For Sale.

    I supplier of ginger & garlic paste useful for Hotel industry. Any requirement pls call Sudhanshu@8007346203. Bulk orders can be provide out of Pune also. Email-
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    oranges, pineapples, ginger

    dear all, following fresh items shall be available in bulk as below: oranges -availabe during october-jan pineapples - available during july-september ginger - Feb-april if interested, kindly send me your contact details . thanks
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    North East Fresh Ginger for sale

    We Sell Fresh Ginger from North East, India. We provide our customers Ginger in Fresh, Dry & Powder forms as per the demand. • Widely grown in different parts of India, ginger is generally named after the localities where it is grown. Some of the indigenous cultivators of ginger in North east...