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Acid lime cultivation in vidarbha maharashtra


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Hello community members,
I have 8 acres of land in katol region of vidarbha, maharashtra. I will be thankful for advice regarding Acid Lime cultivation cultivation on my land, especially with regards to
1. Selection of good quality salpings (where can i buy them and how to identify good saplings)
2. Plant protection at pre-fruit bearing stage
3. Density of plantation with drip irrigation ( i plan to plant saplings at 15ft x15ft)
4. Financial yield from the orchard
5. Is it advisable to plant in the month of June?

Thank you.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Thank you for selecting the acid Lemon cultivation in your land.Its a wise cultivation and nice investment.The Demand of acid lemon fruits consumption will increase day by day.The market of Acid lemon is not bad and ever green market viability.

The"Balaji"acid lemon breed is the first place I among lemon races.The Balaji breed has been promoted by the Andhra Univesity.
The plant protection is as usual like pest controll by inorganic method and you can use much Neem cake near about 200 grams every three months intervals.And alternate months I.e first you can apply neem cake/powder as soil application and next forty day you can apply the neem cake solutions (diluted) as foilage spray on the entire tree like medium raThe standard spacing dimension will be row to row 20 feet and plant to plant 18 feet.If you make pits for lemon plants in triangle shape method youn accommodate 5 to 10% plants more.

The financial viability I.e yield factor will be 20 kilos per tree on completion third year onwards.The Balaji will bears flowers from the first year itself but you can remove flowers for the period of minimum two and half years and maximum three years for the purpose of widening the lemon plant to tree shape.More branches for more flowers .

You canlant at any time except hot summer.


A Sivakumar,

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)