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    Kinnow saplings wanted

    Require 1000 kinnow saplings The plants should be disease free and Vigorous Please contact Srikantaprasad D. 9242835382
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    Acid lime cultivation in vidarbha maharashtra

    Hello community members, I have 8 acres of land in katol region of vidarbha, maharashtra. I will be thankful for advice regarding Acid Lime cultivation cultivation on my land, especially with regards to 1. Selection of good quality salpings (where can i buy them and how to identify good...
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    Lemon Plant needed.

    Hello, I am planing to cultivate Lemon in my 4 hec. farm. I am looking for suitable variety of Lemon plant. My farm is located close to Nepal India border (near Gorakhpur). Please advise me what variety of lemon plant suitable in that region for maximum production per plant. Also please...
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    Need lemon plants

    I need lemon plants for growing near delhi. Would like to have offers with variety name, pricing, plant age, growing precautions, no. Of plants per acre, yield per plant per annum and speciality of the variety manish