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5Hp & 4Hp Solar Borewell Water Pumping @ Hosur


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Dear All,

Here is the link to the video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation;


Project Capacity: 5Hp & 4Hp

Type of pump: 5Hp 3phase V6 Borewell Submersible Pump & 4Hp 3phase Borewell Submersible Pump
Total Area in acres: 10 acres
Type of Application: Pumping from borewell to farm pond & from farm pond to drip lines
Location: Hosur, Tamil Nadu
Bore Depth: 5hp erected at 550ft, 4hp erected at 450ft
Distance between Borewell and Solar Panel: 150m to each borewell
Distance between Borewell and storage tank: 150m from each borewell
Peak Discharge: 65LPM & 50Lpm (Low discharge models chosen due to low bore yield)
Avg Start Time: 7.30AM
Avg Stop Time: 5.30PM
Type of Panels: 5000Watts Monocrystalline Application Class A Panels
Pump Controller: 3phase VFD with MPPT & Harmonic Filter
Mounting: Fixed

This project is developed after understanding the water requirement of the customer, who wanted to drip irrigate 10 acres of land.

The water from borewell is pumped to the farm pond using 5hp pump or 4hp pump. And the 7.5hp pump in the pond pumps water @ 38m head to the drip lines.This site is also supplied with 2 street lights of 9 w each, with individual charge controller and solar C10 rated batteries and supplied with a 250W monocrystalline panel and MPPT smart charge controller with PCU function as a retrofit to his existing inverter and battery setup.

The video upload is of the 4hp borewell motor.

The first few seconds shows the frequency i.e 50Hz, pump current drawn 7.6A, Motor Voltage 360V i.e 100% full rated performance at 11:30Am time stamp.

Hope you enjoy seeing the video.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)