24 hour composting technology


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My company in Singapore has developed a composting technology that traditionally requires at least 3 months and now it only requires 24 hours to complete with raw materials such as:
1) animals waste and remains
2) padi husks, hays, sawdust
3) empty fruit bunch, palm oil mill effluent
4) urban food garbage
5) mushroom waste and any other organic waste

This new technology is a fantastic breakthrough to increase profitability especially for plantation owners with high demand of fertilizers, farm owners with large amount of waste and for investors who are planning to have waste management and organic fertilizer manufacturing facilities. Capacity is 3 ton (USD 44,000) and 15 ton (USD 250,000) of raw materials / day

Any interested party, feel free to approach me through private message or leave me your contact or email me
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Anton Wibowo


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Please mail me with full details to this mail id
What is the initial investment required to build this project and other requirements.

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