Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    For Sale Naturally Grown Elephant Foot Yam For Sale From Tamil Nadu Erode Dist

    Hello, Everyone, We have Elephant Foot Yam (Naturally Grown vegetable) grown organically without using fertilizer which is capable to store 1 month and negotiable quantity in size while storing is up to 15% We have used it for cooking receipes and sold it to organic store which results well in...
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    For Sale Vegetables For Sale

    Dear Members we are supplying fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis to many retailers, Apartments, Hotels, and few supermarket in bangalore, and bulk supply to other parts of india, all the vegetables are procured directly from farmers and the prices will be as per HOPCOM ( selling price...
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    For Sale Looking for exotic vegetable buyers from Chennai / Vizag / Hyderabad

    Hello - We are into growing exotic vegetables and greens from Bangalore Broccoli Zucchini - Yellow Zucchini - Green Celery Basil Leeks Red Lettuce Green Lettuce Chinese Cabbage Romaine Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce PokChoy Color Capsicum Green Capsicum We are looking to explore markets and looking...
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    We supply organic vegetables for export

    We produce all organic vegetables using the hydroponic system. so any one interested please contact us
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    Garlic Clove Separating Machine--Why not ?

    Automatic garlic clove separating machine is used to separate garlic bulbs into cloves. The working principle is using standard rubber rollers for food product to break the garlic bulb into clove. The roller which has the performance of high flexibility, antifriction, stretch-proof. It also can...
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    Washing Vegetable? Let us help.

    Clean Vegetable brings a good dinner. But how to wash large quantities vegetable ? Do not worry, our Vegetable Washing and Peeling Machine can be a favor. Vegetable Washing and Peeling Machine Introduction Vegetable washing and peeling machine is a necessity in various ranges of...
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    You’ll be growing a nutritional powerhouse when you plant edamame in your garden. This soybean is a low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber food packed with folate, phosphorus, magnesium, and disease-fighting isoflavones -€” and, like all plants sold by Bonnie, is non-GMO. Harvest when pods are young...
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    Need JOb in vegetable & fruit dehydration plant

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking job in the field of vegetable & fruit dehydration plants.I finished my degree in B.E Mechanical engineering on 2010 & worked mining Design field. Based on my interest i chose AGRI products processed company. If vacancies any where in...
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    Good Quality Coconut for sale

    If there is a need for Good Quality Husked Coconut. Then Please contact. We can provide you the best ones.
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    Biogas production vegetable and fruit waste, for Metros, Daily 100-200 tonn / day.

    Biogas to Electricity+ Bio Fertilizer+ Carbon Credit production from vegetable and fruit waste, for Metros, Daily 100-200 tonn / day+ 10-25 Cr. investment. Investment retian within 1-2.5 yrs Highly fit for Indian Metros and Big Cities. Technology and Consultancy Available. Electricity...
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    Very Profitable Vegetable business against Deposit/Investment, Start from Rs. 5000

    Hello Everyone, 1) Here is lucrative offer of ever promising Vegetable business from professionally managed co. backed by 35yrs of experience in Vegetable. Become our Channel Partner. 2) You can start business at as low as Rs. 5000 onwards. 3) As company we have offer of Deposit or...
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    Building my own Green House

    Hi All, I am from Chennai and holding a 1.5 acre of land. So my plan is to build my own Green house. Can I have few ideas to start with 1. I like to start with Vegetables. 2. Like to build my first green house of 30' X 15' (foot) - (Is this enough to start? or need more space) 3...
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    Wanted pest free vegetable(organic) in bangalore. 5-10 tons a week

    Wanted pest free vegetable(organic) in bangalore. 5-10 tons a week Dear All, We are looking for direct First hand suppliers or big scale farmers in practice of organic farming. The requirement is for a new online store with 1000 customers. 5-10 tons a week supply is expected...
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    Wanted Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

    Wanted Fresh Exotic, Organic & General Fruits and Vegetables at Pune, Banaglore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai 365 days in Year. You may contact at or call at 08806191122 Packaging and Grading of Fruits & Vegetables will be preferred. Only Genuine Sellers can contact us.
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    WANT: Pesticide free Vegetables

    Hi, We require pesticide free vegetables. Would be interested in the following vegetables: Okra/Bhindi Spinach Please contact me if you can supply/consult in this. Thanks
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    Exotic vegetables for sale

    We are the wholesale supplier of exotic vegetables such as broccoli,iceberg,lettuce,zucchini, thyme from tamilnadu. If anyone interest to buy exotic vegetables pl contact we can supply bulk qty & also small qty with customer requirements with reasonable price. Thanks with regards Annai...
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    China Seed Workshop 2012

    Time: 9:00 am ~ 12:00pm (GMT+8, Beijing Time), Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 Venue: Beijing Dacheng Road No.9 Hotel Language: Chinese Organizer: CCM & Beijing Seed Congress Price: RMB1,500; USD250 Discount: 20% discount before July 31st; 10% discount before August 15th To customers from...
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    Fresh,natural Squash for sale

    Seasonal and freshly pluck squash available for sale No chemical whatsoever used at any point of time.
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    Off session Vegetable in Polytunnel

    I a farmer in Rewa M.P. i wanted to grow early Vegetable in my field in polytunnel. can any tell me from when i must start sowing and what i can sow early to get maximum profit?
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    Mancozeb Webinar

    Topic: Survey of Mancozeb in China Time: 16:30 (GMT+8, Beijing Time) Date: Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011 Speaker: Sara Tan Form: Presentation Duration: about 30 minutes Facility: PC, earphone Mancozeb, the largest fungicides produced and consumed in China, is gaining fast development and with more...