turmeric farming

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    Hi Turmeric farmers from punjab, i thank all my farmer friends from punjab for having confidence in me and have brought turmeric seeds from me for planting this season. thanks a lot. regards suresh...
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    good quality Turmeric Seeds available for sale:

    Turmeric planting materials hi i have very good quality export quality high bride variety turmeric seed material i am sending my Turmeric Seeds to farmers in Abhor, Jalandar, Amritsar, Hoshiapur, and other places in Punjab please call me 09844003090 09449003090 or contact me...
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    turmeric for medicinal purpose

    turmeric is used for medicinal purpose and there is demand for turmeric rhizomes, turmeric is used to treat cancer and other ailments. if you want to start turmeric farming you can contact me on 09844003090 regards
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    welcome to turmeric farming

    hi if you are looking for best quality high breed high yielding variety of turmeric seed material than please contact me on 09844003090 0r 09449003090 i can supply the best materials my seeds are going to punjab and other sates in north india, if you need any details on turmeric farming feel...