Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. E

    CV. Mitra Bibit Sell Rudraksha Seeds [ For Plantation Home Garden ETC ]

    Dear Sir And Madam CV. Mitra Bibit Offer to you Rudrakhsa Seeds , we are sale Rudraksha Seeds for Plantation and bead . Our Rudrakhsa Seeds not available in Mukhi . Any enquiries do not hesitante please freely Contact Us Quality and Best Service is Our First Priority as Your Partner All...
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    Sell Sandalwood Seeds and Other Forestry Seeds

    Sandalwood Seeds For Sale , Dear Sir and Madam , We are CV. Mitra Bibit From Indonesia able to supply sandalwood seeds and other forestry seeds , ornamental seeds , spices seeds , fruits seeds such as ;
  3. E

    CV . Mitra Bibit Sale Acacia Mangium Seeds

    CV . Mitra Bibit Want To Selll Acacia Mangium Seeds Dear Sir and Madam , We are able to supply acacia mangium seeds , for further information about acacia mangium seeds please freely to contacts us . Thank You & Best Regards
  4. E

    Wanted Buyer Seeds Of Forestry Crop Seeds , Ornamental Seeds , Forage Seeds

    We are able to provide Seeds Of Forestry plants Seeds , Seeds of Ornamental Tree , Forage Seeds , Seeds Of Spices Plants . Please Contact Us if any of you needed Seeds Of Forestry Crop Seeds , Seeds of Ornamental Tree , Forage Seeds , Seeds Of Spices Plants Thank You & Best Regards
  5. N

    Purchase and sales all type of seed,plant & agroproduct

    [COLOR="Blue"][B]Wanted to sales,marketing and purchasing forest plant, flower plant, fruit plant, ornamental plant & also all kind of planting seeds. Please contact to the following address:
  6. J

    Looking to buy fruit trees

    I am looking to buy the following trees: a) Rambutan (2) Malaya apply (3)Rose apple,(4)Bore (5) Star fruit (6)Longhand 7)Mangosteen 8)Alphonse mango 9)Surinam cherry 10)Star apple Please response with prices- This is for export purpose companies that are willing to export , please reply!!
  7. J

    Jatropha Curcas Seeds

    Hi, We supply High Quality Jatropha Curcas Seeds with guidance on the nursery, plantation establishment and biodiesel extraction. Normann Wills Sales Exec
  8. A

    Lemon plants wanted

    am looking for lemon plants to be grown in Sonha, Haryana. Since you seem to be in a position to offer the same, pl let me have the following details: 1. Variety of lemon plants you offer and its speciality 2. Age of the plants you offer 3. Height of the plants 4. When will they start...
  9. J

    Want Santalum Album seeds or saplings

    I am interested in Santalum Album. Sandalwood tree > > I would like to order seeds. > > Botanic description Santalum album is a small evergreen tree that grows to 4 m in Australia, but in India it is much larger and can grow to a height of 20 m; girth of up to 2.4 m, with slender drooping...
  10. V

    need rudraksha and bilva saplings at mumbai

    Dear all i require few saplings of rudraksha and bilva (bael) trees - please get back to me with your contact details if you have. thanks in advance ! Vaibhav
  11. perikali

    15 months Tall SANDALWOOD saplings available in CHENNAI, TN

    Quality Sandalwood saplings at the age of 15 months in tall seedling polybags are available at Chennai. At the moment we have over 5000 thousand in our nursery (KAIVALYA NURSERY - in Anna Nagar, Chennai and several more at our farm. You can either pick it up directly at our location or mail me...
  12. A

    Wanted Alphonsa Saplings

    Wanted 1000 Alphonsa Saplings ASAP. Please reply with Price, age location and other details.
  13. V

    Lemon grass plantation

    we have lemon grass plantation for sale . quantity available is 90 lakh plants. price is very nominal.also available is isabgol seed (100 kg). interested people may get back to us