1. jayachandrareddy

    For Sale Quinoa Available for Sale

    Hi All, We have processed premium quality Quinoa available for sale .Please contact for further details. Thank you Regards, Jaya
  2. R

    Quinoa Cultivation 2015 - GauthamFarms

    Dear All, Quinoa Cultivation this year starts in September/October - you can sow till October. For seed requirement or any clarification on cultivation details you can call me on 998505022 www.facebook.com/gauthamfarms Regards, K. RAMESH
  3. R

    Quinoa Growing Farmers - FairPrice

    Dear Quinoa Growing Farmers, Have patience and Stock your Quinoa for sometime. There are buyers, but there are no genuine buyers - Buyers trying to exploit farmers so they can buy at cheaper rates. Initially lots of buyers promised the rates like anything, now when they are not...
  4. M

    quinoa cultivation in india ( maharashtra )

    My name is manoj and i am from india ( maharashtra ). I have done quinoa sowing on november 2014 on 2 different dates. First week and last week. Earlier plants are 2.5 feet tall and later ones are 6/9 inches. Seed heads are visible on almost all plants. No pest till now. Very healthy crop...
  5. R

    Quinoa Cultivators Required - Buyback guaranteed and saplings at lowest prices..

    Dear cultivators of Quinoa (Existing or new), please get back us if interested to cultivate this short term crop. We'll provide you saplings which are ready to plant in the filed. We also can provide you buyback for your harvest. Get back through Inbox with your email-id and contact numbers...
  6. P

    Quinoa Seed

    Hi, I have Quinoa seed available for plantation and also on a regular supply at a whole sale rate. Contact me at 11bprem@gmail.com, 7893108777, Hyderabad, India. Thanks Prem Kumar
  7. Z

    Wanted State Wise Distributors for Quinoa

    Dear sirs, Ashtral Biotech Pvt Ltd has been awarded the permission to set up Quinoa processing plants through a Tender (EOI) Process in Andhra Pradesh. We are setting up plants with the capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 metric tons per year. We are now appointing State-wide distributors who can...
  8. V

    Quinoa Cultivation

    [COLOR="#000000"][/COLOR] Quinoa Cultivation
  9. G

    I want to sell Quinoa

    Hi I'm Vijay based on Bangalore. I have some agriculture land in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. I'm planning to start farming Quinoa. Can I find any buyers in India. Or anybody have the experience of exporting Quinoa to any other countries?
  10. T

    wanted Quinoa Distributor

    wanted Quinoa Distributor in all Major Cities of India... we are largest importer of Quinoa in India...

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