Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. M

    Question How and where do I sell my hydroponic produce?

    Hello, I am testing hydroponic farming and thinking to expand it later and make a future in agriculture. I want to know how and where can I sell my produce. How do I market and sell my vegetables?
  2. K

    Question Cost for setting up Hydroponic Farms

    Hello Friends, I recently started research on hydroponic farms and would like to know how much it costs on setting up poly house (foggers and exhaust fans) + hydroponic systems in 1 Acre in Andhra-Vizag. And any one know if AP government giving any subsidies? Thanks,
  3. D

    Question Stevia Contract Farming

    I would like to set up an stevia hydroponic plant near Ahmedabad. Is there anyone who would like to buy in wholesale quantity? secondly is there any lead who can guide me regarding subsidies and other central government schemes?
  4. K

    For Sale Fresh lettuce, button mushroom, oyster mushroom

    Hi, we grow organic green leafy exotic vegetables and mushrooms. and I am looking for buyers from all over Karnataka
  5. G

    For Sale Exotic Vegetables grown in Hydroponics.

    Dear All, We have a Green shade net house in Dodballapur,60 kms from Bangalore city. Where we have a Hydroponic set up to grow Leafy vegetables such as Lettuce, Spinach, Celery, Mint, Basil, Amaranthus etc., We can supply each of the greens in more than 20 kgs per day capacity as of now...
  6. P

    Long Tunnel Farms- based at Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    “Magnificent appearance, rich flavor, stronger aroma, succulent taste and higher nutritional value are the unique features of the greens produced and supplied by my hydroponic farm. 15 thousand plants are raised in 6000 sq feet area in soilless media in the most natural way without any use of...
  7. A

    Job Available Production/ operations executive or Farm manager in a commercial hydroponic farm near bangalore

    I am looking for young graduate who would be interested in managing day to day production/ operations in a commercial Hydroponics farm near bangalore. Responsibilities- 1. Ensure smooth running of day to day production 2. Ensure targets are met 3. Record metrics and documentation 4. Basic book...
  8. P

    Mr. Akil Murthi - HMA Greens, Egmore, Chennai

    Mr. Akil Murthi, through his HMA Greens farm in Chenna, employs the hydroponic methodology to produce 16 varieties of chemical-free greens and plans for more in the future. Mr. Akil, can we have a quick introduction about yourself? I am Akil Murthi. I started this hydroponics project end of...
  9. D

    We supply organic vegetables for export

    We produce all organic vegetables using the hydroponic system. so any one interested please contact us
  10. S

    Wanted – Agriculture Land with in 200KM from Thane

    Hi, We want to setup a Hydroponic Greenhouse for Colour Capsicum. We are looking for land with in 200KM from Thane (Maharashtra) in the Range of 1/2 Lac per Acre. Minimum 3 Acre Required. If you have land and don’t want to sell, we are ready to do a long term lease as well. Genuine and...
  11. radongrow

    Hydroponic nutrient

    We are providing Low cost hydroponic nutrient in India Delivery available any where in India For more detail please visit Hydroponics or just mail on:
  12. F

    Green house construction

    I have 2 acres of good agricultural land in Andhra pardesh near vikarabad, and interested in setting up greenhouse like polyhouse, hydroponic, for cultivation of vegetable and fruits, kindly interested consultant and supplier contact.
  13. P

    Who has obtained maximum Yield in Capsicum (color)?

    Who has obtained maximum Yield in Capsicum (color)? Different people claim different yield per plant. There is this "hydroponic" setup that claims 10 kilos per it possible? Can "Actual" Growers share yield data.
  14. T

    Hydroponic Equipment

    Sir we are interested to purchase hydroponic equipment so please let us know if anyone is dealing in these products. Sunil sharma
  15. D

    Hydroponic Cultivation DVD ' s at the cheapest price

    Dear friends those who are interested to know more about Hydroponic cultivation we can help you.We can provide you DVD'S at the cheapest price.Currently we are not into any training.The cost for our detailed hydroponic Cultivation DVD's are just Rs.1000/-.This price is including transportation...
  16. C

    grow Garlic Hydroponic Systems

    Im interested in growing garlic in hydroponic systems, can any1 provide information regarding system used, attribute controls temp,seedling etc. Minimum space requirement between plants. & yields.
  17. C

    gorwing Brahmi in hydroponics system

    If growing brahmi in hydroponic system, can any1 provide information with respect to growing medium, type of hydroponic system suitable, nutrients/fertilizers to increase biomass and alkaloid yield. *related topic link needed:synthesis of active substances in Brahmi (brahmin, other...
  18. R

    Hydroponics nutrient formula explained

    Hi, Im basically a computer engineer from Bangalore. As a hobby I started hydroponics 3 months ago. I have made nutrients myself and I have explained everything in detail on my blog Hydroponics For You. hydroponicsforyou dot co dot cc I need help from any chemical engineer or a...