fence for agriculture

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    Barbed Wire for Agricultural Farms

    A-1 Fence is the leading barbed wire manufacturer and exporter in India. Barbed wire fencing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of fencing, made out of steel wire. Even today, barbed wire is one of the most sought after fencing solution for farms, agricultural lands, residential apartments &...
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    Honeycomb Fence is Best Suited for Agriculture purpose

    The advantages this fence scores over a convention chain link is because of the number of time two adjoining wires are twisted with each other. Chain link fence is formed by two adjacent wires being linked together (by weaving), which results in formation of a rhombus (or 'diamond' as it is more...
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    fencing my farm

    i want to fence my 10 acreas of farm what is the best and cheapest way to do it regrds
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    Very cheap rate fencing??

    HI All, I have 2acres land which need to be fenced. But that should be very cheaper and economy also. So please guide me which one will be better?? I am planning to bring up country chicks in the open place that is the main purpose for having Fence immediately. What is the opinion of...
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    Solar fence for farms and agriculture

    Solar fence Total Property Protection from Solar Electric Fence System Special features of the Solar Electric Fence System The shock does not physically harm animals or human beings. The Solar Electric Fence System conforms to National and international Standards. The Solar Energizers are...