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  1. V

    Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants with buy back agreement

    Hi we are from kurnool Andhrapradesh looking for farmers from all over India for medicinal plants under buy back agreement. Details as follows 1) aswagandha 2) sabja 3) anantmul( nannari) 4) kasturi bhenda( musk dana)
  2. J

    Need Consultancy Service for Buy back of Herbal product

    Hi, I have 7 acres of land in Orissa. I like to convert it to Herbal firm. Need consultancy service for providing expert guidance and buy back option. This place is well connected to NH-5 near to Cutack. Interested parties can contact me at 974-103-5753. Thanks Jitendra Biswal
  3. M

    Wanted Centella Asiatica farming consultancy with full buy back

    We are looking for experienced consultants for a Centella Asiatica farming project in Africa on 300 hectares of prime fertile land where already wild C. Asiatica is growing. We are looking for technical support and buy-back of the dried leaves and also to put up an extraction plant. Interested...
  4. A

    tissue culture teak

    Hello All, I have a tissue culture lab in Pune, Maharashtra. I need starter cultures (bottles) of teak. If anyone can avail teak cultures with receipt, any documentation of mother plant selection, if possible virus indexing I am very much willing to purchase. We are in ornamental landscaping...
  5. R

    Buy A Land & Get 30% Interest On The Value

    Hello Dear Sir/Madam, We are offering a new business plane to Indian citizens & NRI's: Our Company is dealing with 50 types of agro based food products & agriculture services. we are planing to start own manufacturing units in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. We are the growers of Button...
  6. U

    Looking for joint venture/Contract farming/medical plant buy back , 20+ Acres land

    Hello everyone, We have 20+ acres land in Karnataka, near Gauribidanur , it is about 75 km from Bangalore. we have good power and water resource and men power, we are open for all kind of venture and projects, for more information, plz contact me on 9880823145 or
  7. G

    Marigold (Orange color) Buy back arrangement

    Hello: We are planting 1 ha of Marigold (Orange color) this season. Location is near Shankerpally, Hyderabad, AP. We are using East West brand seed for planting. Looking for buy back arrangement from traders etc., who can pay a confirmation advance for the crop and enter into rate agreement...
  8. ponsanthan

    High revenue herb

    Requesting growers to cultivate bhumiamla - Phyllanthus amarus ( Kilanelli, Nelausiri, Kiranelli) under buy back agreement. There is a guaranteed revenue of Rs 50.000 with in 4 months per acre under irrigated condition. Interested growers please send Private message. The cultivation needs to be...

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