Need Consultancy Service for Buy back of Herbal product



New Member
I have 7 acres of land in Orissa. I like to convert it to Herbal firm. Need consultancy service for providing expert guidance and buy back option. This place is well connected to NH-5 near to Cutack.
Interested parties can contact me at 974-103-5753.

Jitendra Biswal

I am also a medicinal plant grower.I am also looking for marketing facilities and I am sure I will find one.I am growing SARPAGANDHA at present.very few plants say about 400/500 but next July I am planing expansion.I have suitable land but if your land is suitable for SARPAGANDHA cultivation I am ready to have a deal for buy back.please send me your land profile to study further.You on your own can gather a lot of knowledge if you have time and interest.To my knowledge well drained alluvial soil is best but any well drained soil is suitable.