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agriculture land

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    Mixed loamy soil land for Sale @ S.Nagar, Nellore Dist

    Hello friends, 6.91 acres of fertile land for sale at Shankar Nagar, Atmakur-Somasila Road, Near Atmakur, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. Our price : 10 lakhs (negotiable) Land marks -- About 55 kms from Nellore 175 kms from Chennai. Very near to Telugu ganga North Canal. Interested...
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    Agriculture/Commercial Land for Immediate Sale near Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

    7 Acre (40 Bighas) of Agriculture Land for Immediate Sale near Haridwar (Uttarakhand). It is a fertile land currently being cultivated on regular basis. You can have option of buying smaller pieces of land as well. Near Delhi - Hardwar Highway. Very well connected by road. Electricity and Fresh...
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    Land for Agriculture in Trichy

    Dear All, Looing for land for agricutlure purpose. Soil preferred is Red Soil. Location should be in and around trichy. Please do contact me.
  4. E

    Require cheap farmland

    I want to purchase cheap farmland for development of a multipurpose farm at around 10-25/- per m2. * Land must be in or around Goa, preferably with a water body running along, through or in it. *This is for multipurpose integrated farming. Contact me on my email: Regards, Enrique D'Souza
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    Wanted Agri Land at Eluru 2 Chintalapudi Road,West Godavari Dist

    Hai Friends I wanted 10 to 20 Acrs Agriculture Land ( Red Soil) in Eluru to Chintalapudi Road My Budget is Rs.40,000/- to 50,000/- per acra. good water,road facility is preferable... if any information please mail me urgently........... please contact...
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    please advise use or dispose

    sir i am a doctor by profession.i own 10 acres of fertile (red soil with excellent water table) in erode district tamil nadu.i need advice to put these land into good advice whether to plant trees or wind mill or solar .if im not able to manage im ready for a good price.enquiries and...
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    Wanted Agri land for outright purchase

    Hi I am looking at outright purchase of agricultural land in Tamil Nadu - especially in Dharmapuri side. I would need between 30-50 acres of plain land, if possible with water source & electricity. Please contact me or PM me at the earliest. Murali
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    coffee estates agricultural land for sale

    255 acres of coffee estate with 90% Robusta Coffee &10% Arabica Coffee: 100 Tons of coffee/year Pepper vines throughout–15 Tons output Areca nut / Oranges / Vanilla. Good payback on investment as 90% of the estate contains the Robusta Variety of coffee which is basically maintenance free as well...
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    Looking for Agriculture Land Around Kerala -Tamil Nadu

    Looking for Agriculture Land Around Kerala -Tamil Nadu This land is for pure agriculture, so it should have suitable soil and water. Empty land or already cultivated land is fine. This land should also have access to road. This is as part of long term plan to move from corporate world to...
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    Best place around Pune for Agriculture and why?

    I am interested to know the best place around Pune (50-100 KMs) which is best suited for agriculture. I am looking for cheap and fertile land for agriculture.
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    cheap agri land

    dear all, I am looking for about 20 acres of agri land in mp,maharastra,ap,up,orissa, chattisgarh or jharkhand. the cost range should be 15,000 to 25,000Rs/acre. access to road would be a plus point. Pls let me know at mail... Please contact....
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    agriculture land for sale at bangalore

    a very good agriculture land in bangalore is for sale. it is just 50kms from bangalore.
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    Wanted Agricultural Land / Farm - In and Around TIRUNELVELI

    Wanted Agricultural Land / Farm - In and Around TIRUNELVELI, Tamilnadu Agricultural land or farm wanted, In and around Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu 20000 to 100000 / Acre depends on the condition. Only for Agricultural Purpose. Budget 10 lakh - 15 lakh, Extend depends on the price per...
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    Wanted Agriculture Land in Trichy

    I am looking for about 15 acres of land in Trichy district. I am expecting somewhere around 20000Rs/acre. It should be good one for cultivation and good water resource should be available. Interested pepople with proper titles with contact details, please get in touch with me. Please...
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    Wanted Agriculture Farm / Farm Land in And Around Tirunelveli Dist.

    Dear Friends I need Agriculture Farm or Farm Land In Tirunelveli District. Budget 8 - 15 Lakh (Acre 40,000 to 100,000) depends on the area. Contact..... Regards Anand
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    Need 20-40 acres agri Land Near Pollachi, Udumalpet

    Dear All, We are looking for Agriculture land 20 -40 acres Near Pollachi/ Udumalpet. The land need to be isolated and should be situated away from houses. It should have plenty of potable water. It should be suitable for agriculture / poultry purposes. Only people with lands with...