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    I have 10 acer agri land in Karur, kindly contact me. I am interested on medical plants.
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    For Sale Red aloe vera plant for Rs.750 per plant in tamilnadu

    I have 10 acer land in Karur. Do you have buy back option available ?
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    Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback

    I am interested to cultivate medicine plan. 10 acer land located at Karur with good water resource. If u are ready with buy back I am okay to cultivate. Kindly contact for discussion.
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    Land Available 900 acre green zone land for sale

    I am interested to buy 200 to 250 acer kindly contact me.
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    Land Available Farming land available in south Tamil Nadu

    If in Karur or Salem contact me.
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    Land Available 500 Acer land for sale near to Mumbai

    what is the price ? land details please .
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    For Sale Goat farm for lease in Karur District

    We have a 4 Acer land with fencing and coconut trees and a farmhouse, looking for a paartner for Goat farming, kindly contact at 9008174749. this will be on lease basis and need a person to stay in the farmhouse.
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    Wanted Labour or form care taker for 4 acre land in Karur.

    The plan is to do Goat or Sheep forming in 4 acre Coconut trees with fence at karur, Laboror or partner needed to stay and look after it, if anyone interested kindly reach me at 9008174749.
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    Question Need advice for coconut farming

    We have 4 acer coconut treas which is about 13 years now, till now i am not getting the yield, we have well and 2 bore well , water supply to the trees with trip irrigation with 3 days once for each tree, till now no income. need your recommendation for good yielding.
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    For Sale Sale urgent - 7.5 acre agriculture land in Hosur to Krishnagiri NH way .

    How many Km from the main road ? what is the final price ?
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    For Sale Used Solar irrigation pump 5 hp

    is it the solaar panal in working condition ? any damages ? Kindly reach me at 9008174749

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