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    Wanted Agri Tourism

    We can help Our farm meets easily the above criteria and a delta more.. if interested send PM Regards, Vinay & Nilesh
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    Getting EB connection in TN

    Can't send private message to you.. It seems to be disabled for your id. Our farm is at Veepanapalli, Krishnagiri district. If you can help, please send you contact details by PM to me.
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    Getting EB connection in TN

    Dear friends, We have one commerical EB connection at our Farm of 7.5 HP which we got after lot of follow up and delay. It took more than 1year after we applied for the same. Now we want to go for 3 more connections - commerical of 10 HP each. Since our farm is a last point of the...
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    Wanted Panchakavya

    Our farm is near Veepanapalle in Krishnagiri. We require "Pure, Original" Panchakavya regularly for our Papaya and turmeric culitvation at our farm. If anyone can provide a guaranted Panchakavya product regularly, please send your contact details and the rates by PM. Regards, Vinay
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    Malkhandi Farm Machine

    Can't see the photo.. can you send
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    Agricultural land purchase

    Hmmm, its complicated. Actually you need to have your name as owner/ joint owner on "Khata" for any agricultural land and the land should be belonging to you/your family before 1972. In Maharashtra, as in Karnataka and Gujarat one needs to be a farmer to own agricultural land. There are couple...
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    Wanted wanted granite quarry

    Black Quarry Hello, We have black granite quarry at Palamner-Chittoor district. The extent of the quarry is 5 acres +. We have exported cutter size and gangsaw size blocks to China , Japan, Thailand and also sold them in domestic market. If interested in buying, please send PM with...
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    Can I intercropy Papaya with Coleus forskohli

    Thanks Sampada and Antony for sharing your practical experiences. A timely warning from you guys, indeed. Can you let me know what as per your experience is healthy density for papaya ?
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    guidance for low cost, low tech organic farm

    Interested in your knowledge Dear Ms. Anjali Pathak, Interesting post. Would like to know more about Low cost organic farming. Myself and Nilesh are IT professional who have ventured in Agri sector and are constantly interested in trying out different ideas. We want to know more about low cost...
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    Can I intercropy Papaya with Coleus forskohli

    Thanks Thanks really for the information provided by all of you.. Regards, Vinay
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    start up new sheep form

    Please contact experts at "Kuri Bhavan" Sheep Board - UAES, Hebbal You can also visit the model sheep farm at Siddalaghatta, Bangalore. I don't have the exact address but you can ask anyone about the sheep farm in Siddalaghatta.
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    Can I intercropy Papaya with Coleus forskohli

    ????????? Replies from experts will be highly appreciated. If yes, when to start planting coleus in papaya field and if no, why ? Regards, Vinay
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    Wanted 10 acres of agri land for fresh water fish farming

    Fish farming Hello, We have land at Veepanapalli that can be used for fish farming . Infact we have a lake in our land too. The land is 70 kms from Bangalore and before Krishnagiri. We don't want to sell the land. Just checking the option of doing something jointly on this fish farming...
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    need buyers of power tiller(walking tractor; mini cultivator)

    Please send your quotation for power tiller, generator,Please contact.. what other products you have ? send you website address and product brochure? how will you take care of servicing etc ? I need the product to be delivered at Bangalore, do you have an agent here ? Regards, Vinay Please...
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    Contractual farming of medicinal plants

    Interested We have around 1000 Neem trees in our 50 acre land. If interested to work on some contract farming deal, please contact. Second, we are interested in other contract farming deals on our 50 acres lands. Please let us know. Regards, VInay

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