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    Is Poultry Farming Good For Small Farmers in India?

    I suggest you to kindly Contact; University in Bangalore (Hebbal), they will guide you properly, as they have given me proper guidance towards profitable business, do not go on others,i am sorry but some misled you. Poultry division and middle man, i feel you should contact University...
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    Wanted Cheap agricultural land in karnataka

    Contact me i am interested to buy agriculture lands for cultivation purposes contact me raviseveenzerotwosix at gamil dotcom
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    hello is lands available now please reply soon with contact details and more
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    Dairy farming

    hello air can i have the details of contact person his contact number his mail id
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    Land wanted

    Sir can i have your contact details or mail id raviseveenzerotwosixatgmaildot com
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    Staff/labours required for Dairy farm

    hello Helloo how are you doing i am willing to know more about the same please provide me your contact details and mail id i will contact you soon regarding the same and more
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    i want to buy agriculture lands in karnataka Or tamilnadu

    Hello, i want to buy Agriculture lands in Karnataka and tamilnadu, please give the details and more information what is required to buy
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    Question Need information to establish dairy farm

    Hellooo Sir its nice to know you have taken training from your the dept, i wish to know more about the place and their contact number as i too am planing to start dairy farm but i want to learn more and visit the dairy farms and take there valuable experiences share there views...
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    Want Jersey Cows

    Try this person, he was v help full in getting me the Good Quality HF & Jersey cows, i was been referred by one off m known person in bangalore his Name is Suresh nine nine eight zero five three nine six eight three. he is the person who organise cows as per our requirements.try with him. and...
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    Land Required Agriculture Land - 2 acres to 800 acres - price from rs-25000 per acre only

    Mr.Anil is the lands still available & can i know the more details about the same as i am looking forward for the lands for purchase soon for agriculture & farm purpose reply with your contact details at the earliest
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    Lands wanted in karnataka state for farm & agriculture purpose

    Hello all here i am looking for lands in karnataka state for the purpose of agricultural & farm purpose anyone who is interested to sell the property.Can please give the details Area available District Road Approach Water Electricity Value per Acre...
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    Land wanted for purchase

    Hello, lands wanted for purchase(buy),in mysore dist/chamarajanagar dist/nanjangud. contact if clear titles Contact with your contact no, Name and details
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    Wanted Agricultural Land around Bangalore

    Hai, i am looking for lands with good pricings. i wish to know more about the same, i will be happy if you can provide more information i will contact you soon regarding this reply as soon as possible with your details Regards; Ravianil
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    6.5 acres of agri land for sale at MYSORE

    is the land for sale available now ?
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    from which place you are ? its good to Contact director in Hebbal, i too got clear guidance about the breeds/ returns/ investments/ health issues/maintenance/vaccinations & brooding of the day old chicks. Contact ; Director of Poultry Dept, Hebbal, Veterinary University Campus Bangalore...

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