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  • Dear Mr Prantosh,

    Our product PROGRO is a liquid organic manure as well as plant protector. It will be very useful for your stevia plantations. Please visit the following link for details about the product.

    Rishi Krishi Kolkata India - organic manurebio pest repellents Manufacturer Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers

    We are manufacturing house and our focus is on quality product and prompt service.

    We offer to send you a trail pack and price list if you can provide your full postal address along with pincode at a nominal cost of Rs.500/- only.

    For further clarification please contact the undersign,


    Lalit Agarwal.
    Actually i am a student from mumbai studying in tybms and want to start a dairy plant
    for which i need information like
    -how to gain knowledge about dairy industry
    -what are the future prospects of dairy industry
    -how much finance do i need to start a plant with 50 cattleand so on
    i would be obliged to recieve any kind of help from you reguarding the same
    To Mr. Yogesh Kale, thank you for your message. I live in Kolkata, I don't know your destination & land area. I am interested in stevia cultivation to your land by my own invest as 50:50% share basis. After all cost deduct share divided.Need security & 3 yrs. agreement. You give a tractor(new/old) to me for cultivation. This is my project & main terms. You may sale your share to me. Dry stevia leaves I purchase @ Rs. 100/- per kg. by cash payment. If you agree pl contact with me by (M)09239526374,, Thanks.Prantosh
    hello mr prantosh this is yogesh kale send me ur project reports and terms to go ahed fpr buinness so i will cheak & do better for u.yogesh kale 9881434959
    Dear Mr. Prantosh Sarkar,
    I am from U.P near gorakhpur. I have 6 acre fertile land and like to start dairy firm but I do not have fund if you are interested for 50:50 partnership (land and labour from my side and fund from your side).If you realy interested pl contact me on my Emai
    Dear Mr. Prantosh Sarkar,

    I am sorry for delay in replying to your message as I was away to Delhi due to some personal problems.

    I welcome your visit to our site. You can tentatively make your programme as under :

    Departure on 13th Dec. from Howrah to Bhatapara (Bhatapara railway station is in between Bilaspur to Raipur) by train=

    1. 2810 Howrah Mumbai Express starting Howarh at 8.15 PM and reaching Bhatapara at 8.00 am

    2. 2906 Howrah PBR Express starting Howrah at 10.55 PM and reaching Bhatapara at 10.23 AM

    You can book your ticket in 2906 train as tickets are available for 13th Dec. 08

    Return Journey : on 14th Dec. 08

    You can go back same day evening by

    2809 Howrah Mumbai mail starting at 5.00 pm from Bhatapara and reaching Howrah at 5.50 am
    8029 LTT Shalimar Express starting at 8.30 PM and reaching Howrah at 12.15 Noon.

    I shall arrange to pick you up from the Bhatapara Railway Station, then to Hotel, and further site visit and again to Hotel and finally to drop you at Bhatapara Railway Station. I shall also arrange for your Hotel accommodation at my cost. You need not worry for anything once you get down at Bhatapara Railway Station.

    Please let me know how many sapling you intend to bring alongwith with you and its cost. I can remit the amount in your Bank Account of State Bank of India. Please also let me know your account No. Or else you can collect cash from you when you visit the site.


    Thank U.Plz let me where from u want provide me jack fruit saplings.give ur contact me on nine eight four nine zero four six eight six four.Area & variety is important thats why asking place detils.
    Dear Mr. Prantosh,

    Pl. contact me through Private Message for Joint Venture of Stevia Cultivation in 100 acres land. Regards, Vinod
    I wish to contact with U, please contact me by Private Message. With regards. I am waiting your mail.
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