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    buffalo farm expenses income excel sheet

    Mr.Praveen send the Inputs such as feed cost, emi, milk qnty, price..etc...I had sent my own excel sheet to so many people. conatct @ Regards, MV SubbaReddy
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    Milk prices

    In around Kadapa dist, Andra Pradesh it is around Rs.42 for 10 FAT and around 28-30 for a FAT of 6-7 if you sell the milk to daires. But if milk can be sold direct to customers, it is Rs.38-40 for 6-7 FAT Milk MVS Reddy
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    An Engineer converted to Dairyfarmer

    Dear Frendz, Dairy Farming is good idea to earn profits without mental tension, provided one should have marketing for milk to sell > Rs.35/L
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    An Engineer converted to Dairyfarmer

    Dear frendz, I heard that in Ongole district, Singarayakonda mandal ( I think village is kalikivaya subjectd to corrections) nearly 7-8 years back one Btech Guy quit his job and started DairyFarm with 2 cattle and now he is one of the highest milk producers in that District. If anybody...
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    Do you think Dairy Farming Profitable?..check out

    Dear zacharia saab, This forum is meant for sharing useful rational information. It is glad to hear that you are starting dairyfarm with 1000 cows, but how can you expect Project Report just like that to submit to partner. even if somebody send to you will you rely completly on that...
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    Info about Fodder Cutter form fields for Dairy Farms

    Dear Frendz Now a days getting labour is a very big problem the dairy farmers are facing for cutting Fodder from fields(not chaff cutting) & Milking. So many varities of machines are available in the market ranging from 10k - 100k for milking purpose. But for cutting fodder from...
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    Do you think Dairy Farming Profitable?..check out

    Sant Saab bahut achha bola aapne.. Iam so impressed with your realistic figures analysed using practical experience. yes, feeding procedures, monitoring of day to day business & value additions like vermi compost.. yields profits to commericail dairyfarms. all of you requested to share...
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    Do you think Dairy Farming Profitable?..check out

    Dear aspirants of Dairy Farm After deatiled study on theroy & practicals in the filed of Dairy Farm, I could say that many times commercial dairy farming is not profitable bcoz (1)cost of cattle yielding 10L (including transportation) is more than 55000.(2)for every 10 animals u need one...
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    Planning to start small dairy farm in andhrapradesh

    Arey bahyi, It is not good idea of quitting the job for starting dairy farm without doing any minimum exercise /building self confidence/any preliminary work. everybody thinks the same, but very few people jump into dairyfarm; jumping is not wrong but you should have gathered much info &...
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    Dear frendz, Please send me your email Id through Private mesaages. if box is full it will be cleared in a day or two. my id Regards m_v_subbareddy at
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    Hello all, I requested each and everyone to whom I had sent my dairy report to comment on it either positively or negatively. But nobody has commented. how should I understand, people are busy or selfish. Regards MV subbareddy
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    Dear Frendz, I sent dairy farm report to all those who sent me their mail ID through PM. ; and my id is as mentioned below regards. I hope u understood Thanks & Regards m_v_subbareddy
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    Dear Frends, I sent Dairy Farm PJ report atleast to 15 memebers, but nobody has shared on public forum about it. please share the your opinions yarrrrrr. since Iam allowed to receive only 5 PM, i cant see all the messages. after sending I do empty my my inbox is empty. MV...
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    Regarding Sheep Rearing

    Bahut Danyavaad Razvi ji.
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    Dear Frends, I canot paste it here because that is excel sheet; you can change the values and see the result. I sent to the people who contacted me on mail. I request the people who received my report to comment on it either positivly /negativly. sothat i can overcome my minor mistakes if i am...

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