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    Wanted Farmers to Cultivate Stevia leaves for US

    i have 15 acres at ambala haryana,if interested contact me
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    Solar Power Generator and its benefits

    hi friend the concept interests me kindly send me details
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    on site consultancy

    hi, I am an ex army officer looking after our ancestral farms at ambala in haryana.I am interested if you could come and work with me.the land is ideally located for many .kindly send your contact no. regards
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    Consultancy for Green Energy Projects

    green enery project hi, kindly send details capt s.p. singh
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    Pure Organic Honey

    we might be interested kindly send details
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    Biomass Power Project

    kindly send details
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    Emu farming in haryana, punjab & h.p

    interested to know kindly send details
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    Jasmine Cultivation

    interested to know contact
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    Help regarding job

    sorrymy contact details are or call
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    Help regarding job

    we own agricultural land located on the highway very close to town we look for someone who could take on vegitable cultivation .if interested contact immediately.
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    agri produice buissness

    kindly contact me . we are interested to grow flowers. regards
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    Consultants and experts required

    we are interested in mushroom farming kindly contact
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    About teak plantation in Haryana

    we are interested too.kindly send details
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    dear geeta, we are located in Haryana, do you work here too. regards
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    Involve youself

    we are interested contact us

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