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    For Sale Organic wheat and gram varieties available for sale near Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

    Dear readers, we are a group of organic farmers in Maharashtra working for poor and marginal farmers and we function in a number of villages in MH and we are expanding. Our aim is to help poor and marginal farmers by adding value in overall farm-processes. As a part of our initiative to produce...
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    Land Required Looking for a farm land for Goshala and NGO for Farmer Welfare in MH.

    Greeting to Brothers and Sisters on this platform! We are a group of a few like-minded professionals who have worked for farmer welfare including small and poor farmers. We worked in reputed NGOs like BAIF and provided our services to implement various interventions like organic farming, dairy...
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    For Sale Toor dal available in Bulk

    Hi sir / ma'am, Kindly inform about the price. What is the cost per quintal?

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