For Sale Organic wheat and gram varieties available for sale near Aurangabad, Maharashtra.


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Dear readers, we are a group of organic farmers in Maharashtra working for poor and marginal farmers and we function in a number of villages in MH and we are expanding. Our aim is to help poor and marginal farmers by adding value in overall farm-processes. As a part of our initiative to produce healthy organic food, around 50 of our farmers have begun to produce using organic means. We have following production available at present with our farmers. At present, we have following varieties of organic wheat and gram for sale. 1. Organic wheat variety HD496 | Available quantity for sale - 2 tons | Price - Rs. 5000 / quintal 2. Organic wheat variety Bansi | Available quantity for sale - 0.5 ton | Price - Rs. 6000 / quintal 3. Organic wheat variety Ravisoni | Available quantity for sale - 1 tons | Price - Rs. 5000 / quintal 4. Organic wheat variety Sonamoti | Available quantity for sale - 2 quintals | Price - Rs. 10,000 / quintal 5. Organic gram variety Jacky | Available quantity for sale - 1 ton | Price - Rs. 6000 / quintal All the above varieties are produced following pure organic farm processes with 100% vermicompost manure and other organic means and processes. No chemicals are used in the production of these grains. The stock is available now near Aurangabad, Maharashtra. You can visit the farms and collect the stock from the farms directly. You may negotiate with the farmers on the spot at the time of purchase. Prices are slightly negotiable but please do not expect a big difference in price as these are poor farmers. (Let's save farmers from committing more suicides). Connect with us without wasting much time. Thank you.
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