Land Required Looking for a farm land for Goshala and NGO for Farmer Welfare in MH.


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Greeting to Brothers and Sisters on this platform!
We are a group of a few like-minded professionals who have worked for farmer welfare including small and poor farmers. We worked in reputed NGOs like BAIF and provided our services to implement various interventions like organic farming, dairy, helping farmers to create their institutions or FPOs, and connecting organic produce to consumers in India or abroad. We aim at creating an NGO that would run a Goshala aimed at protecting cows. In addition, we would like to design various development programs with domestic or international aids to alleviate farmer-related poverty by introducing better farm practices, training and exposure related to agro-technology, encouraging and training farmers to grow organically, and creating markets for farmers in India and all over the world. There is much more than this outline. We are in search of land with low price (our budget is low at present). We request the Interested parties to connect with us.

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