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    Tilapia Fish farm

    Hi Every body i want to start a tilapia fish farm i have a land of 900 sq yd. i want to ask some o the question from experts please reply can i grow tilapia on 900 sq yd. of land. can tilapia grow in underground water. in how many months tilapia will grow to a size of selling. where...
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    telapia fish farming

    Hi every body Just i wanted to know from any expert that i want to start a telapia farming in Andhra pradesh. can i grow this fish in underground water. and very important doubt for me is after growing the telapia fish in bulk quantity who will buy it.(or what is the channel to sell the tilapia...
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    Fish farming

    Hello Everybody On this site i have seen almost all types of business queries. and the related information to some extent. but till now i didn't see the queries about fish farming. Some time if i see the query of Fish farming then the related answer will not be there. why? is Fish farming is a...
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    Fish farming

    Hello Every body Iam new to this site and i liked very much the way people are helping each other.even i too need some help from experts on fish farming. i am planing to start fish farming in Andhra pradesh. in this regards i have several unanswered questions in my mind to get the answer for...

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