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Dr. Yogesh M S on ” Why does farmers income remain low compared to those working in the non-farm sectors?”

Dr. Yogesh M S is an Assistant Professor at GPS Institute of Agricultural Management in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Dr. Yogesh M S says now a days, Farmers income remains low in the relation to income of those working in the non-farm sectors. More than one fifth of rural households with self employment in agriculture as their principal occupation were having income less than the poverty line. Some farmers have started moving from the agriculture sector and many are looking for suitable opportunities to leave farming. Agriculture productivity is taking dimension towards more fluctuation in outcome of the result which is less or more and stability in agricultural commodities may differ prices in the market. To overcome this situation/problem;  to standardize the mind set of farmers by supporting technical agronomy farming to raise production, a highly efficient farming by the mode of crop diversification intensity. Raising price realization; reducing middlemen and their margin by farmers.

Meeting was held on: November 23, 2021 5:00 pm
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