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Dr. Sitesh Chatterjee on "Hazards and safe use of pesticides in agricultural field"

Dr. Sitesh Chatterjee is an Assistant Entomologist, WBAS (Research) at Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal, Rice Research Station in  Chinsurah, Hooghly, West Bengal. To know more

Dr. Sitesh Chatterjee says pesticides have an important space in crop protection of agricultural sciences. Farming community of our country uses many pesticides to protect their crops and stored products from crop pests like insects, mites, rodents, fungus, bacteria, nematodes, mycoplasmas weeds etc. Some farmers use indiscriminately in over doses, under doses without following proper time and schedule as well as choosing wrong pesticides to protect their crops. They don’t racer themselves properly during pesticide application time which may fate them with acute and chronic toxicity in their future and this may also cause pest resistance and insect resurgence. The pesticides enter their body through inhalation of spray, unbroken skin, wounds (cuts) in vapour or droplets form and oral ingestion (by mouth with food, drink or cigarettes). Three important areas when it comes to reducing risk; 1. Proper storage and disposal 2. proper handling procedure 3. proper of plant protection equipment (PPE), gloves, apron etc.

Meeting was held on: July 16, 2021 5:00 pm
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