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Dr. Rameez Roshan on “Business opportunities in magur catfish”

Dr. Rameez Roshan is the Asst. Professor at  Department of  Aquaculture, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) in Cochin, Kerala .

Dr. Rameez Roshan, P.M., is an Aquaculture Geneticist. He finished his bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Science from KUFOS, Kochi and Masters of Fisheries Science in Fish Genetics and Breeding from ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai. His master’s dissertation work was in the Population Genetics of Clarias magur. He obtained his PhD in Fish Genetics and Breeding with a specialization in Quantitative Genetics from ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai. In his PhD thesis he worked in the genetic selection program of Clarias magur.

Meeting was held on: April 28, 2023 5:00 pm
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