Dr. Purushottam M Dewang on “Tomato leaf miner ( Tut Absoluta) – Pest management with pheromonelures & traps”

Dr. Purushottam M Dewang is the Founder , MD & Chief Scientific Officer at CropG1 Agro Research & Development Pvt. Ltd., in Bengaluru, Karnataka.  He has completed M. Sc. in Agrochemicals and Ph. D. in  natural products (monoterpenoids) as eco-friendly organic pesticides. He has about 19 years of research experience on novel product development. After completing doctorate,  he worked as a scientist on several crucial assignments in foreign countries for about 8 years.  CropG1 Agro Research & Development Pvt. Ltd. is  involved in R & D of organic pesticides, organic biostimulants,  hydrophonic inputs and home gardening solutions. To know more view https://bit.ly/38TW9PS ,  https://bit.ly/2XPVzw3