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Dr. Navanath Kaspate on ‘Custard Apple Farming’

Dr. Navanath Malhari Kaspate a farmer from Gormale Village in Barshi Tehsil of Solapur District is the President of All India Custard Apple Federation. He is the founder of Madhuban Farm and Nursery and into farming for the past 35 years. Has developed five other hybrid varieties of the fruit—Anona-2, NMK-01 (Golden), NMK-02, NMK-03 and Finger Prints—but considers NMK-01 (Golden) to be his illustrious one; it has fewer seeds, abundant pulp and rarely cracks when ripe. He has got patent certificate for his NMK-1 Golden variety of custard apple. To know more view

Meeting was held on: January 29, 2020 3:00 pm
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