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Dr. N. Inayathullah on "Recent technology & development in aquaculture industry and how it fulfills human needs"

Dr. N. Inayathullah is thw Founder & CEO of Shrimp Care Solutions in  Pondicherry.  He says, application of scientific knowledge and technology always help mankind to transform life at ease and paved way for a better future. Technologies applied in aquaculture are also not an exception to it. Rapid development is implemented for the last few decades in aquaculture industry that satisfies the protein requirement of human across the globe; besides ensuring employment opportunities and foreign exchange for many underdeveloped and developing countries. Many old techniques are modified as well as several new methodologies such as Biofloc, Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), Aquaponics etc. has been developed aimed at increasing the productivity and betterment of farmers’ economy. Innovations related to reproduction, application of biotechnological and genetic tools for the production of hybrids so also genetically improved stocks, transgenics, mass scale production of quality fish seeds; application of probiotics etc. resulted in increased productivity and enhances the sustainability of the ecosystem. Recent innovations of advanced technologies in aquaculture are very much helpful in reducing the fishing pressure exerted on edible species from the wild thereby safeguarding the sustenance of aquatic biodiversity. These technologies paved way to greater contributions such as enhancement of growth rates to a marketable size, better feed conversion ratios, disease resistance, improvement of stress tolerance against extreme environmental conditions and improvement of sterility issues.

Meeting was held on: May 13, 2021 5:00 pm
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