World Class Vedant Italian Raingun



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World Class Italian Raingun Vedant Raingun

Half to one Acre Sprinkling
- from one position.
Saves water, time & labour for Irrigation by
-more than double.
Highly energy efficient - saves on
-power & pumping cost.
Clean and cool leaves-improves plant health with
-saving on pesticides cost.
Avoid salination caused due to over Irrigation-
-maintains soil productivity.
Timely sowing and better Germination-
-with less water.
One Rain-gun can cover upto 10 acres
-under portable system.
Very Economical using PVC underground
-mains & HDPE portable laterals.

Useful for many Applications -
Irrigation of crops, Landscapes and Sports Ground, & Dust Suppression

Other Features

Droplet size and Impact to suit delicate crops.
Angle of rotation is Adjustable for full and part circle.
Light weight and Sturdy with high workmanship-no maintaince cost over many years of use.
Highly energy efficient with uniform sprinkling -works from 2 to5 kg/cm2 water pressure
Various Turbo-gear and Impact Driven models of all Discharge capacity available

Contact : Vedant Enviro-Agro & Irrigation Tech (P) Ltd,

WHC Road, Opp. Andhra Bank, Nagpur -440010,(M.S) India

Mr Arun Bagri : Mobile. +91 9823042260 , Ph.No.+91-712-2522368, E-Mail - Fax No : +91-712-2543741
Website: Vedant


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Kindly email me the details

Hello sir,

I have sent you an email enquiring about the same, I have many farms in tamilnadu under my supervision and we want to opt for rain gun for the first time, i would appreciate if you can let us know the following details.

1. Any dealer in tamilnadu
2. Any farms near tamilnadu that we can visit which has your installations
3. What would be the cost for fixed guns per acre cost
4. At per acre irrigation at a time what would be output power required in terms of kgs. let say we have 5hp motor with a out of 2.8 kgs will that suffice or you require more.
5. Any subsidy available for your products.

Kindly email the same to



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Thanks for the responses. Please visit the website for more details. or Call us directly Vedant M: 0 9823042260