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Wheat Flour Grinding Machine for Sale


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The Wheat Flour Grinding Machine for sale in Cheap Price!
With the development of our live standard, people begin to pay more attention to our food and drink, so the wheat and corn processing machine develop fast. Facing a lot of different wheat flour grinding machine, the people are hard to choose good one.
Win Tone wheat flour grinding machine for sale in cheap price and good quality, this kind of wheat flour grinding machine design adopts long technical flow in flour milling system, and equips 2 sets of 21 sets of MME25/100, 4 sets of MME25/125 auto-pneumatic roller mills to form the 5B.8M.3S.2T technology which is full-blown in Europe. The 3rd B, 4th B and 5th B are classified by fineness and coarseness. The bran stock is dealt with bran scourer to shorten the B mills flow. Smooth roller is used in M mills, S mills and 1T, and combined with impact detacher to reduce the power of final grinding stages. Smooth roller is also used in 2T to deal with the T mill material specially. That will have the important function of ash controlling.
Specified roll surface: 10.40mm/100Kg.wheat.24h;
Specified sifter surface: 0.95M2/100Kg. wheat.24h;
Sieve of purifier surface: 0.046m2/100Kg.wheat.24h.
And considering the requirement of environment pretending, we suggest the drying cleaning system which is popular in Europe. At the same time, intensive dampener,which one controlled by PLC for dampening is used to get the average moisture for milling. The technology is 2 sieves, 2 scourers,2 destoners, 2 dampeners, 3 magnetic separators. The clean wheat has the cleaning flow of air channel to ensure the purity of the wheat. All of the machines above are of blocking type.
If you want to know more information about the wheat flour grinding machine please contact with us freely, and we will reply you soonest.
Win Tone Flour Mill Machine

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)